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Phonalisa telephone systems

Things worth knowing about Phonalisa

Phonalisa from Schönefeld near Berlin is a provider of modern, intelligent and growing IP telephone systems, both as software, hardware and in the cloud. The system can be easily configured via an intuitive web interface. New phones can be set up with just a few clicks of the mouse. Auto-provisioning for automatic configuration is also supported for numerous end devices from well-known manufacturers.

Phonalisa can completely replace or expand old telephone systems, as both SIP providers (such as an All-IP connection from Deutsche Telekom or a SIP trunk from easybell) and ISDN gateways, with multi-device or system connection, etc. from beroNet, can be integrated into the system. Analog telephones can also be operated on the system via a SIP-ATA adapter. Thanks to open standards, a large number of devices and technologies are compatible.

additional Information

  • Maximum number of extensions and parallel calls unlimited for SBE, Business & Enterprise Edition, and thus dependent on the respective hardware performance
  • Hardware solutions available from the distributor brainworks.de
  • CTI client for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, mobile clients for Android
  • Presence status (Jabber / XMPP)
  • Calendar and extensive address books including iCloud synchronization
  • As a software IP telephone system, Phonalisa supports the Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems
  • Scalable solutions for various industries, such as bsw. Call centers, hotels and hospitals
Function overview
Vendor / manufacturerPhonalisa
Product namePhonalisa
certified by easybell Yes
platform Hardware software
maximum number of parallel phone calls unlimited
maximum number of extensions unlimited
Free updates Yes
Supported Codecs G.711 (A-law, u-law), G.722, G.729, H.261, H.263, H.263-1998, H.263-2000, H.264
Multilingual Yes
Video telephony Yes
Conference calls Yes
phone book Yes
Individual proof of connection Yes
Speed ​​dial buttons Yes
Call recording Yes
Queues Yes
Music on hold Yes
Fax server Yes
Answering machine Yes
Email notifications Yes
Hold / park calls Yes
Call waiting Yes
Call forwarding Yes
Blacklist Yes
Clip-no-screening Yes
Mobile clients Yes
Chat / instant messaging Yes
Wake up call Yes
IVR (Interactive Voice Menus) Yes
Call groups Yes
last updateApril 26, 2021
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