How can I remove a PS3 from jailbreaking?

Remove ps3 jailbreak

Hello, dear community!

GuteFrage sent me here, maybe you can help me!

Now to my serious problem: When a program no longer worked properly (Sony Vegas Pro 11), I thought to myself, I would just uninstall it and put it on my hard drive again. But when there was neither the program nor the Sony folder or the Control Panel to uninstall the program (I don't know why either), I thought to myself, I would just delete the Sony folder in the program folder (C: / Programs (x86)) - a fatal mistake, as it turned out later! I then tried to install the program on my computer. During the installation I got the error message "This program is already installed on the PC! Please deinstall the old version first to install the program!" opposite. After repeating it several times, I got the idea to delete the remaining files of the program. So I tracked them down, deleted them and finally wanted to remove the very last fragments: in the registry. Well. Through the search option in the registry, I came across thousands of folders that had entries from Vegas, whereupon I deleted all of these entries - the most serious mistake!

When I finished the eternal wipe and closed the registry, the terrible thing happened. No program could be opened anymore! When you clicked on it, the loading screen came up very briefly, otherwise nothing happened. I couldn't even open the system control or the task manager. So I decided to shut down the PC. Unfortunately, the computer did not respond when I clicked on "Shut down" or "Lock", which is why I simply interrupted the power supply. And now the real problem: after I tried to start up the PC, the option to enter Safe Mode came first. I chose "Start Windows Normally". Then it was booted, the Windows symbol appeared - but instead of the login page I only saw a black screen and the mouse pointer! Restarting, Startup Repair, System Restore, Debug Mode, Windows Repair, and even Safe Mode did absolutely NOTHING! Apparently I deleted some system files in the registry. :(

Is there still hope? Can you help me? Or do I just have to go to the next electrical shop to buy a new PC? A Windows reinstallation is impossible, as I definitely don't want to lose my important data that I have accumulated over the years! I'm desperate :(! Thank you in advance!