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Iron Maiden
The ultimate unofficial pictorial biography

It is no secret that IRON MAIDEN have had a few experiences such as line-up changes, world tours, platinum, gold and what-I-know-for-which awards due to their very long existence and has already been printed in some of these publications documented. The new, unofficial picture biography of Neil Daniels, on the other hand, offers a lot more than the works currently available on the market.

The fact is that no band member, not even Steve Harris (bass), could censor anything here. That speaks for itself, because there are also some facts to read in the biography of IRON MAIDEN that some of the band's musicians might not like that much. Be it quotes from Bruce Dickinson (vocals), shortly after his temporary departure, about IRON MAIDEN, clarifications from Paul Di'Anno, who was allowed to present his vocals on the albums "Iron Maiden" and "Killers", or various reviews from guest authors, that Neil Daniels was able to win over.

The chic work with a cutout for Eddie (the band's mascot, editor's note) on the cover is a joy to look at. If you, as a fan, skim through the numerous photos that can be found on the total of 224 pages, you can hardly keep yourself devouring the work. And that happens very quickly. Not because at first glance there are only 224 pages, no, Neil Daniels is able to examine the history of the band in depth, but not in too much detail. Numerous former band members have their say (including the aforementioned Paul Di'Anno or the former singer Blaze Bayley) and there are tons of quotes from the current MAIDEN team from Adrian Smith (guitar), Janick Gers (guitar), Nick McBrain (drums) , Bruce Dickinson (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar) and band boss Steve Harris (bass).

The respective studio albums are reviewed again for each period of the band's work. Although the early works like “Killers”, “Piece Of Mind”, “Number Of The Beast” or “Powerslave” come off very well, the band's 90s works also get reviews from time to time, including “No Prayer For The Dying ”(written great by music journalist Martin Popoff) or“ Virtual XI ”. The scribes do not mince their words, whether it suits IRON MAIDEN or not.

In addition to the sometimes wonderful photos, which were successful across the board and reflect all epochs of the band, there is also an (almost) complete overview of all tours and dates that IRON MAIDEN sent around the globe from the beginning to 2011. Where else can you find something like this in such completeness?

A little treat at the end: “What is actually doing ...” is dedicated to the former members of IRON MAIDEN, including Clive Burr, drummer until 1982, who unfortunately passed away recently.

Fans actually have to grab this work. Because with this mass of photos and marginal information, the inclined MAIDEN trailer has no choice. But even those interested in metal who are not at home in the IRON MAIDEN fan camp (if there are any) can get a piece of music history here.

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