Is the intelligence overrated

Every fourth decision-maker considers artificial intelligence to be overrated

10.12.2020 – 10:00

Sopra Steria SE

Hamburg (ots)

26 percent of decision-makers in companies and public administrations in Germany consider artificial intelligence (AI) as a technology to be overrated. 38 percent do not yet see any real benefit in the blockchain. The reason: quick economic successes are more difficult to achieve with the two technologies than with cloud computing or robotic process automation, for example. These are the results of the study Potential Analysis Reality Check Digitization by Sopra Steria and the F.A.Z. Institute.

From the point of view of many decision-makers, the technologies are not yet so advanced that they can achieve any concrete economic benefit. "The technology itself is still too much in the foreground and not the solution to specific problems," says Frédéric Munch, head of Sopra Steria Next. In addition, blockchain and AI only develop their full effect in interaction with other IT disciplines and when developing new services and business approaches. That requires more investment and staying power.

Companies must also be ready to leave their comfort zone. "Both technologies pay off when applications are thought of holistically and value chains are re-formed," says Munch. This applies, for example, to the energy sector: Blockchain and AI should help, among other things, to set price incentives so that in the future industry and private households will primarily consume electricity when a lot of wind, water or solar energy is being produced.

Industrial companies in particular still find it difficult to think greenfield business models: every second manufacturing company considers blockchain technology and every third AI technologies to be overrated, according to the potential analysis Reality Check Digitization. Financial service providers are more open and have learned from experience. For many insurers, chatbots based on artificial intelligence are no longer a separate channel in customer service. Instead, they are increasingly using technology to improve the work of employees.

Use of other technologies can be seen more quickly

Other technologies such as big data analytics, robotic process automation (RPA) and cloud computing come off better than AI and blockchain in the evaluation of decision-makers. Less than one in ten consider one of the three technologies to be overrated. Companies usually use these technologies to improve existing processes. In addition, successes are visible more quickly. "Companies save money and time with cloud infrastructure by subscribing to computing capacities as a service instead of investing in sheet metal. They usually do not achieve such quick wins with blockchain and AI applications," says Frédéric Munch from Sopra Steria Next.

About the study

The study Potential Analysis Reality Check Digitization by Sopra Steria and the F.A.Z. Institute reflects the results of a survey among 315 decision-makers and executives from the sectors of financial services, manufacturing, public administration and utilities, as well as telecommunications and media. In September and October 2020, questions were asked about how companies and public administration want to become more efficient.

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