Where does the term hipster come from?

What is a hipster?

hipster belong to Berlin like Hermannplatz to Neukölln or the television tower to Alex. In no other German city are there probably as many hipsters as in Berlin (maybe in Hamburg or Munich).

Everyone probably has their own picture in mind when approaching one hipster thinks: the jute bag around the shoulder, crazy hairstyles, beards, lots of tattoos and piercings or extravagant and old-fashioned clothes.

The origin of the word hipster and old hipsterism

Hip means something like “to be active” in English. The term hipster appeared in the US in the 1940s and 50s. hipster were referred to as people who set themselves apart from the mainstream and also showed this publicly.

hipster were made up of two fringe groups that mainly formed an urban subculture in New York. These two groups consisted of colored and white artists who mainly made music (jazz, bebop) or were active as writers. hipster had a peculiar style of language and clothing.

The old one broke up at the end of the 1960s Hipster scene slowly rising in the US.

The modern hipster

Modern hipsters are a kind these days avant-garde breathed urban bourgeoisie. The modern and the old generation of Hipsters have in common the urge to distance themselves from the mainstream.

21st century hipsters differentiate themselves on the basis of external characteristics and certain value settings. In contrast to the old hipsters, however, they do not only come from the music or literature scene, but from different scenes. They now come from many subcultures and form mixed types. Nevertheless, you can easily recognize them by their appearance.

The modern hipster is mainstream

The modern one HipstersUnlike the old generation, r has become mainstream. hipster there are meanwhile in every world metropolis. hipster are now copied en masse in terms of fashion and style, for example. Individuality has just become a global trend.

The term itself loses its claim to individuality and delimitation. The Hipsterism became mass-produced piece by piece in the 21st century.