What is the Cisco SKU

Determine the appropriate SKU.

To renew licenses for an ASA CSC Security Services module, you must first determine the appropriate SKU for your licenses. Take the example of the CSC module JAB101900KH licensing screen:

This example shows a BASE license and a PLUS license for a CSC-10 module with 500 users. To choose the right extension, you have to compare the number of workstations and the module type and decide which license or licenses should be extended (BASE or PLUS or both).

Use these SKUs as examples: L-ASACSC10-500UP1Y or ASA-CSC10-500UP-1Y

This table lists the elements of the SKU that determine the characteristics of the renewal.

SKU element



Identifies CSC-SSM-10 modules.


Identifies the number of seats in the module.


Just renew the BASE license.


Only renews the PLUS license.

1 year

Extends the license by one year from the current expiration date.

Note: The SKU can contain U, P, or both. If the SKU only shows a U, it is only extending the BASE license. If only a P is shown, it only extends the PLUS license.

For a list of available renewal SKUs, see the Electronic License Delivery (ELD) SKU at Cisco ASA 5500 Series Content Security Renewals (Content Security Renewals).