Who Killed the Koro Sensei Assassination Classroom


Surname: Korosensei

Kanji: 殺 せ ん せ ー

Romaji: Koro-sensē

Aka: Octopus

Character information

Gender: Male

Size: Stretched out about 3 meters

Weight: lighter than it looks

Hobbies: Supersonic trips

Birthday: March 13th (given; fish)

Blood type:FROM


Job: Teacher

School: Kunugigaoka Middle School

Class: 9-E (3-E)

Subjects: class teacher

Koro-Sensei teaches class 3-E

The students of class 3-E call the yellow creature with the tentacle arms Koro-sensei. It destroyed 70% of the moon in March, demonstrating its incredible power. Shortly afterwards he explained to the Japanese government that in exactly one year he will do the same with the earth, provided he is not killed beforehand, but so far nobody has been able to scratch the creature because the Kraken man apparently has unearthly abilities and can move at Mach 20, for example, and thus playfully evade every attack and bullet. He also has a number of other skills that make elimination even more difficult.

In addition, Koro-sensei has decided that he will teach class 3-E of the Kunugigaoka Middle School and will also teach them how to use weapons and carry out assassinations so that they can kill him. He encourages the class again and again to act absolutely ruthlessly and with all severity against him. On his head, 10 billion yen are written out for the class. In addition to these topics, he also teaches them as a "normal" teacher in classic subjects. The students receive specially prepared weapons for the attacks on the teacher. These are completely harmless to normal people, but are designed by scientists in such a way that they can kill the teacher immediately or seriously injure them.