How is Sacred Games a Netflix Original

New series in July : The distance, so good

Summer time belongs to the repetitions on television. Free TV premieres such as the Til Schweiger “Tatort”, which was first shown in the cinema under the title “Tschiller - Off Duty” before it will now be broadcast on the first on Sunday, are some of the big exceptions. For the program directors, the danger is simply too great of sinking expensive productions during the holiday season. Streaming portals such as Amazon, Netflix or Sky face the same problem. But their July program shows that there are definitely creative solutions to the dilemma - offering the paying customers something and still budgeting sensibly. It shows fabrics from countries and regions that otherwise receive little or no attention, but still have a lot to offer.

For the German audience, the Netflix series "The Godfather of Bombay" promises the greatest moments of surprise. It is based on the novel "Sacred Games" ("Holy Games") by Indian author Vikram Chandra and is one of seven Indian Netflix originals. At the center of the plot is the only Sikh inspector in Bombay, Sartaj Singh (Saif Ali Khan), and Mafia boss Ganesh Gaitonde. The latter has been a wanted criminal for 15 years with over 150 murders. One day he calls the Sikh police officer, asks whether he believes in God and promises him the solution to his first real case. Inspector Singh, who is isolated in the Bombay Police Department because of his religious affiliation, finds the location of the criminal, but when he breaks into the house, Gaitonde commits suicide. Not without issuing an ultimatum beforehand: in 25 days everyone in Bombay, today's Mumbai, will be dead.

With a good dose of violence

“The Godfather of Bombay” is a mixture of organized crime against the background of the economic boom in Mumbai, corruption in the civil service, political hunger for power and, above all, a good deal of violence - which begins in the first scene. In front of a group of children, a dog that had previously fallen from a skyscraper hits the ground, the pool of blood is immense. Netflix itself describes the series, which comes out on July 6th, as dark and rough. This can be understood as a warning.

Many scenes from the series “The Plague”, which will run on the pay-TV channel Sky from July 19, are also downright gloomy. It comes from the Spanish pay station Movistar +, where it was even more successful than “Game of Thrones” when it was first broadcast at the beginning of the year, so the Spaniards ordered a second season from director lberto Rodríguez (“Marshland”). The series takes viewers to medieval Spain, but here without any "wandering whores" romance. Actually, the former heretic Mateo (Pablo Monlenero) - he printed forbidden books - has a good life in Toledo, including handsome lovers. But because he promised a friend, he returned to Seville to find and save his son Valerio (Sergio Castellanos). Before he succeeds in doing that, he becomes a prisoner of the Inquisition and is supposed to solve a series of murders on their behalf. Meanwhile, the plague is slowly but fatally spreading within the walls of the city. The miasms waft clearly visible across the screen.

With a culinary point of view

Amazon Prime is also looking to Spain, but from a culinary point of view. The streaming service is dedicating a 15-part documentary series to the Spanish chef and restaurateur Ferran Adrià, who with his avant-garde cuisine is counted among the most influential chefs of our time. His El Bulli on the Costa Brava has been named the best restaurant in the world five times. It is considered the place where the combination of gastronomy, art, design and science began. It closed its doors in July 2011. For the documentary series “El Bulli: The Story of a Dream”, which starts on Monday, Amazon evaluated film material from over 30 years.

The three examples show: Sometimes the distance is just as good as an original Made in Germany or another series from the USA. Fans of American series will also get their money's worth in July. At Netflix, for example, the sixth season of "Orange is the New Black" starts on July 27th.

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