How do I become a waitress

Follow these 7 tips and become the perfect waiter!

1. Always appear well-groomed

Regardless of whether there is a uniform or not, your work clothes should always be in very good condition! That means when you start work they are washed, ironed and, best of all, still smell excellent;) But please do not use too much perfume. Don't forget to make your shoes shine too! Since your hands are also used regularly in this job, you should take care of them and keep your fingernails clean. If you have long hair on top of that, tie it back in a braid or bun (because no guest wants to find hair in their food).

A well-groomed appearance not only makes a good impression on your boss, but also on your guests - and of course this has a positive effect on your tip at the end of the day!

2. Know the menu by heart

Before you start working in a catering business, you should take the menu - the menu - home with you and memorize it as far as you can! This will make you look professional right from the start and save you a lot of time taking orders. For example, you can immediately offer a few alternatives to guests who have allergies to certain foods. Of course, it would also be an advantage if you could tell your customers about the special offers, which change daily, so that they have as much choice as possible. In addition, the kitchen can sell the dishes that have already been prepared! And if you do not know something, then you do not answer the guest's question with: “I don't know.”, But always with: “I will find out immediately.” =)

3. Suggest additional dishes

Of course, if the catering establishment you work for has certain menus, you should let your guests know and make them feel like you are proposing the "best deal" to them. And even if that is not the case, you can always suggest a starter or a suitable dessert after your chosen main course. You will be surprised how many of your guests will respond to your tasty suggestions and actually order them according to the motto “Honey, we can at least share the cake!”. And may it also be a cafe ...

hokify Tip # 1 Never take an empty path. When you're on your way back to the kitchen after serving, take empty glasses or dirty dishes with you. This saves you extra steps

4. Organize your time well

As it is well known that it can get hectic in the catering trade, you should organize your time as sensibly as possible. This means that you should work attentively and with foresight right from the start, so that you can keep an overview at all times during your shift, instead of running around hectically and lagging behind with your guests. For example, at the beginning of the shift, when there is usually not too much going on, you could start folding the napkins, polishing the glasses or filling the containers for the dishes. These are all rather small tasks, but they still eat up your time when it counts - so always use small breaks during your shift to do these annoying but necessary things! In addition, you should always try to work quickly and above all cleanly, because nothing costs you more time than if you place an order incorrectly or something falls off the tray in the hustle and bustle!

5. Review your orders

Before you bring the drinks or food to your guests, you should take a quick look at them and check that everything is okay. First of all, it is important that you make sure that your guests get exactly what they have ordered - especially if they have special requests, such as when certain ingredients should be left out or the guest would like to have a salad instead of the fries. Next, you have to make sure that the food was served appropriately, because it is well known that the eyes eat with them. Of course, this also applies to the drinks, because none of your guests want to be served a poorly poured beer or a sunken cold caffé latte. You will see that you can save yourself a lot of stress if you check everything in advance!

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6. Anticipate frequent inquiries

Most guests want salt and pepper for the main course, dressing for their salad or ketchup for the French fries - and that's exactly why you should have certain things ready for certain dishes automatically. This also applies when people drink coffee or alcohol, because they often want a glass of tap water with them. With this forward thinking you can anticipate the recurring inquiries of your guests, save yourself time and nerves and make your guests happy.

7. Never sit around idly

Even if you only have a few guests to entertain at the moment, as a good waiter you should never do nothing, because you can always find something to do. To do this, first of all check your own tables, see whether everything is clean and whether all the necessary things are available. You can then take a look at your colleagues' tables and possibly help them out by clearing away the dishes you used or taking further orders. You can then work with foresight by folding napkins, polishing glasses and cutlery or filling up the containers for the dishes.

Here are all the tips at a glance

  • Always appear well-groomed
  • Know the menu by heart
  • Suggest additional dishes
  • Organize your time well
  • Check your orders
  • Anticipate frequent inquiries
  • Never sit around idly

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Updated September 2019 - Sebastian Prax