How do we make out in the cinema

Kissing or making out in the cinema? How?

Help!!!! It's hard to explain now, but I'll try ... :) So: My girlfriend and I, we have known each other for a long time, recently went to the cinema ... And somehow since then this feeling has been getting stronger ... A tingling sensation in my stomach, great anticipation to see her again, fear of saying something wrong and making a bad impression ... Totally strange feeling, because I've always trusted her so well and it feels wrong to worry to have to do in front of her, whether something is said that she doesn't like ... Now she stayed with me yesterday and when we were in bed we suddenly kissed !!!!!!!! And it was so great, very different from kissing a boy ... But I think she felt it very differently than I did ... More like fun, exercise, whatever ... She wanted to try it too to kiss, as preparation for your first friend ... That made me feel depressed because for me it was one of the most beautiful kisses in life !!! : (((And now the biggest problem of all !!! I'm in a relationship, I have a boyfriend ... Did I cheat because I kissed someone else ??? Of course, he doesn't even know about it ... And me I also like to kiss him, I think I still love him ... But can it be that I'm in love with my girlfriend at the same time ??? Should I break up with my boyfriend ??? Am I a lesbian? ?? I don't want to be a lesbian, but I don't even know what to do ... Please help me, thank you in advance, lg