What are the famous inspirational books

Inspirational personalities and their books

Anyone born on World Book Day has the best prerequisites for a rich life. Karla Paul shows us exactly that: She started her blog “Buchkolumne” as a podcaster, was part of the LovelyBooks team for many years and now even gives recommendations for literature on ARD. Whether author, blogger, speaker, publisher, influencer, power woman or fighter for the book - Karla deserves many names. But she also needs role models from whom she learns and gathers motivation and inspiration. In this list she has put together 5 of her role models and their stories for you: “These books are so important to me because my heart and mind currently need alternative role models to those who receive media attention - those who are in the list too and give me peace and strength, especially in turbulent times. " You can find more book tips from Karla at www.buchkolumne.de

These personalities & books inspire Karla

  1. Dalai Lama

    The book of joy

    First publication: 09/26/2016
    Current issue: 09/26/2016
    What does happiness mean and how can we achieve it? How do we keep positive thinking and feeling despite many negative impacts? The Buddhist Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu come from different directions and unite in cooperation for the people - they pass this knowledge and their experience on in the Book of Joy. Different readers from different phases of life can always find motivation, strength and guiding principles for a mindful future in the pages - regardless of religion, race or gender.