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Gässli Film Festival
2016 Terms of Use

1. Terms of Use
This user agreement ("Agreement") sets out the legally binding conditions for
the use of the services ("Services") of the Gässli Film Festival ("GFF") as defined herein
firmly. The agreement is the entire and only legal document between you
("Filmmaker") and the GFF and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements, representations, warranties, and understandings relating to services provided by the GFF and the subject matter of this Agreement. The filmmaker undertakes to adhere to everyone
Comply with applicable laws and the general rules listed below
Terms and Conditions by clicking the appropriate box on the
Confirm registration form ("Effective Date"). Please read the agreement
carefully and archive a copy.

2. Festival information
The GFF is an annual short film festival competition that takes place in Basel, Switzerland.
Filmmakers can send in one or more short films for review to be shown at the GFF. A jury will evaluate all competing films and determine the annual winners.

3. Services
When entering the GFF competition, the filmmaker agrees to the following
Conditions for:

a) Presence at the festival: the GFF requires all essentials from the filmmaker
Festival events directly related to the filmmaker's work in
Related to visit. The key dates for 2016 are:

• THU September 1, 6:00 p.m. - Fesitval opening & Music Videos premiere

• FRI September 2, 12:00 pm - Filmmaker's lunch

• FRI September 2, 6:00 p.m. - Best Swiss Short Films Premiere

• SAT September 3, 6:00 pm - main competition, young talent competition & award ceremony
Further events will be announced before the festival. International
Filmmakers are encouraged to participate in the GFF, but can do so at too high a rate
Travel expenses are excluded from the above obligation (a).

b) Screening master: the filmmaker must provide any missing
Submission components including a digital screening master in high
Definition of video no later than seven (7) days after selection at the GFF

c) Introduction clip: the filmmaker introduces himself in a separate video clip from not
longer than 15 seconds. For examples click here.

d) Basel reference: Some competitions require a direct reference to the
Filmmaker or the work on the Basel region. The filmmaker is obliged
to note the Basel reference in the GFF registration form and can also be in the
Point out the introduction clip. The GFF accepts the following "Basel payments":

• The filmmaker's place of residence or hometown in the Basel region

• Filmmaker's work was shot in the Basel region

• Filmmaker's work focuses on the Basel region

• Performers in a key role are resident or hometown in the
Basel region

• Key persons on the staff have their place of residence or home town in the region
Basel (director, screenwriter, producer / production company,
Cameraman and animator)

• Filmmaker is a former GFF award winner

• Other well-documented reasons
If the GFF takes place with an official partner region, filmmakers from the partner region also qualify for all awards that require a "Basel reference". In 2016 the GFF will take place without a partner region.

4. Film registration / costs
The filmmaker can use the
Submit the registration form at baselfilmfestival.ch. The deadline for submission (postmark) is noted on the official GFF website. The 2016 submission deadline is July 11th. Per film
GFF charges an administrative fee of twenty (20) Swiss Francs.

All costs for sending the film copy and other materials, including the
Insurance are the sole responsibility of the filmmaker. The GFF will not return any screener copies. Please note that the GFF is not liable for any costs resulting from the return of the copies of the film or any other circumstances.
If the registration fee is not paid, the film submission will be automatically disqualified.

5. Selection for the competition
GFF programmers view the submissions and invite selected filmmakers to take part in the GFF. The following criteria must be received by the GFF no later than five (5) days after the submission deadline:

a) Complete registration form / accepted terms of use

b) Preview copy of the film

c) Payment of the registration fee

d) Introduction clip, no longer than 15 seconds (definition above)

e) other necessary supporting materials

Further requirements are:

a) Film may not be longer than twenty (20) minutes

b) Film must have a link as an online screener / download or as a Quicktime file
burned to DVD +/- R and submitted on a stick. When out
For some reason the work cannot be viewed, the filmmaker will
obliged to provide a new copy as soon as possible.

c) If requested by GFF, the filmmaker's work must be in English
Language (original with subtitles or dubbed) must be available. All costs for
the filmmaker will be responsible for creating an English copy of the introduction.

6. Notification
The GFF communicates the selection of films to filmmakers by email or telephone. Movies
are available for selection until the filmmaker receives an email stating that his work has been accepted.
After positive notification and within seven (7) days, the filmmaker will send you
further due information about the work and participation in the GFF. Lets the filmmaker
If the deadline expires without doing anything, the GFF Filmmaker's work can again remove it from the competition.

The GFF requires a Quicktime file in HD quality for projection. For optimal
Compatibility, the work must be exported accordingly by the filmmaker. If you have any questions, the GFF team in the festival office is available at any time.

7th Festival Jury & Awards
The GFF has a jury ("Jury") with a minimum of three (3) members who
Have knowledge of film, art or related media. Each member votes in a secret ballot and discusses the final winners in the committee. GFF employees can take part in jury meetings for advisory purposes, but are not able to vote.

Decisions are final and will not be commented on.

The jury is obliged to award the following awards:

1st Gässli main prize * (age limit: up to 30 years)

2nd Gässli Young Talent Award * (age limit: up to 20 years)

3. Gässli Best Swiss Short Film Award

4. Gässli Best Music Video Award
* Basel reference required (as defined above)

The Gässli Social Media Audience Award can be awarded to any film that is shown at the GFF. The
The winner of the Gässli Social Media Audience Award will be determined by audience SMS voting and announced at the GFF award ceremony. Prices are not negotiable. Any financial profit generated by the public voting process remains 100% with the GFF.

If the GFF detects attempts at manipulation in the voting process, a
Investigation initiated. Filmmakers can refrain from receiving the
Award will be disqualified.

8. Prices
The GFF will award the winners with the following prizes:

1. The Gässli main prize consists of a cash payment in the amount of CHF
1'000.- to the winner as soon as the GFF has valid bank details
the winner is.

2. The Gässli Young Talent Award consists of a Canon 80D camera and a
Voucher worth CHF 500 from the Basel Cultural Office.

3. The Gässli Best Swiss Short Film Award consists of a cash payment
of CHF 1,000, as soon as GFF has the valid bank details of the
Winner is.

4. The Gässli Best Music Video Prize consists of a cash payment of
CHF 500.- as soon as GFF has the winner's valid bank details.

5. The Gässli Social Media Audience Award consists of a cash payment
of CHF 500, as soon as GFF has the valid bank details of the
Winner is.

Filmmakers must attend the awards ceremony to win. At
The filmmaker must notify the GFF no later than two weeks prior to the absence
Contact the award ceremony in writing, explain the reasons and send a representative with name and contact information. Serious illness and force majeure override the time component. Representation is still required to win.

9. Rights
The filmmaker must be the sole owner of all rights, titles and interests in and in the submitted film. The filmmaker has secured all rights in the chain of ownership; the filmmaker has the exclusive, unrestricted right and authority to show the film at the GFF and guarantees that no claims by third parties or other services can be asserted on the title. The filmmaker also warrants that any intellectual property, including music and / or trademarks, currently contained in the film, will be used with the permission of the rights holders and will free the GFF from
any responsibility, claims and any payment claims.

The filmmaker agrees that his submitted work can be seen in public
will be shown. Furthermore, GFF has the right to additional evaluation in accordance with the
Details of the filmmaker on the registration form. Any use of the work for
Commercial purposes outside the GFF require an additional written
Agreement between filmmaker and GFF.

Starting on the effective date of this Agreement, the Filmmaker grants
the GFF the complete, unencumbered, non-exclusive, temporally and spatially unlimited
Right, the filmmaker's work and any additional materials submitted
upload, download and also edit and for GFF promotional purposes
integrate. In addition to such rights, the filmmaker grants the GFF the perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to use and publish the filmmaker's name, biographical material and interviews in full and / or edited or linked as an extract or reproduction or simulation thereof with the GFF.

The GFF has the right to assign the contract to third parties at any time.

10. Compilations
The GFF reserves the right to compile and distribute selected short films on DVD or other channels / media for the purpose of promoting the festival and / or collecting donations for the festival. The GFF may also make the short films in the program available to association members as part of membership. An additional agreement with filmmakers must be concluded if further distribution opportunities arise, especially if these are of a profitable nature.

11. Advertising
The GFF holds the sole right to engage in any form and type of advertising or sponsorship offers that are related to the selected films. Advertising is fundraising and ensures the operation of the GFF. The filmmaker is not entitled to participate, nor is he or she part of any decision-making on this matter.
The filmmaker gives the GFF permission to make trailers and short segments of the film as well
all information submitted through the registration form and the press kit for
To use advertising purposes worldwide without any time limit.

Filmmakers can refer their own sponsors to the GFF in connection with their work.

The GFF examines a possible cooperation and makes the final decision. An additional
Agreement to govern such efforts is required to proceed.

12. Data protection
The GFF respects the filmmaker's privacy and is committed to it
Secrecy of Sensitive Information. If you have any questions about data protection, the GFF
Inquiries by email to [email protected] or by post to Verein Innovative EYE, Gässli Film Festival, Hauptstrasse 82, 4132 Muttenz, Switzerland.

13. Arbitration proceedings
In the event of a dispute between the filmmaker and the GFF, either party can request that all
Disputes arising from this contract are settled through an arbitration court procedure.

The place of jurisdiction is Basel, Switzerland.

14. Release from Liability
The filmmaker undertakes to compensate for any losses, liabilities, claims or demands, including legal fees, from third parties and holds the GFF, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies and their respective executives, representatives, partners and employees harmless.

Gässli Film Festival is a project by the Gässli Film Association

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