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Mathematics in elementary school lays the foundation for mathematical understanding. It not only includes the basic arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but also guides students to use arithmetic advantages and to apply auxiliary strategies. These are not only important for solving technical problems, but also help students to deal flexibly with mathematical problems and equations in secondary school.

Math is the most popular tutoring subject. Why is that? Most students have difficulty in math. Some of them even develop a real math phobia, which inhibits them in class and is even more reflected in classwork and exams. The problems often lie in a lack of prior knowledge and deficits in the fundamentals. It is important to close these knowledge gaps.

But what are rational numbers? Who was Leibniz? What is the Pythagorean theorem? What do I need sine, cosine and tangent for? What do I need π for? What is the Fibonacci sequence? And what is a mathematical fraction anyway?

The importance of mathematics is often misunderstood by the students. The fact that mathematical knowledge is of particular importance not only for various apprenticeships and courses, but also in everyday life, becomes clear when discounts beckon in the summer sales, the student apartment has to be painted or the first own car has to be financed.

It is our goal to let the students discover this importance and to have fun again in the subject of mathematics and to have a sense of achievement. In this way, fear of failure is reduced and stress at school is minimized. We support the students in all areas where help is needed. From learning and repeating basic arithmetic, algebra and geometry to analysis, arithmetic and stochastics - our tutors are always focused and flexible.

We help in mathematics - from first grade to high school graduation!