What do you think of Nancy Drew

Translation of "qu'en dis-tu" in German





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what do you mean what do you say

What do you think

What do you think about

What do you mean

how do you find that

How hears

How does it look like

What do you think

What do you make of it

Pang ... Je te donne 5 battalions en plus, qu'en dis-tu?

Pang Quingyun, I'll give you 5 more battalions, what do you mean?

ai envie de faire une coupe courte et sculptée. Qu'en dis-tu ?

I would like short hair what do you mean?

Qu'en dis-tu, on appelle le service d'étages?

What do you thinkshould I call room service?

Alors, qu'en dis-tu aunt Mel?

So, what are you saying, Aunt Mel?

Alors, qu'en dis-tu, Mlle ...

- So, what are you saying, Little ... Africa?

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