Can you hide a like on Instagram

New function discovered: Soon you will be able to hide your Instagram Likes

There is a new function on Instagram. For example, some users have been given the opportunity to hide their Instagram Likes - directly when posting. In retrospect, the decision should then be reversible.

New function: hide Instagram likes and make them visible

Just in time for the new year, Instagram is working hard on new functions for its users. The newest feature revolves around the Instagram Likes. Specifically, we should obviously get the function that we can hide Instagram Likes and make them visible again if desired.

For example, the developer Alessandro Paluzzi has published corresponding screenshots on his Twitter account.

The classic menu can be seen in the pictures from the Instagram app. What is new, however, is that users can now hide their Instagram likes when editing a post - if they want to.

If you want to go one step further, you can go to the advanced settings hide the "likes" information from the start.

Details of the rollout are not yet known

The screenshots do not yet show whether Alessandro Paluzzi belongs to the test group for the new function. A spontaneous test in the editorial office ofBASIC thinking has not yet revealed the feature.

Whether the hiding of Instagram likes is currently in the test phase or already in the national or even global rollout cannot be said at this point in time. Not all tested functions ultimately reach all users around the globe.

Instagram has been experimenting with likes since 2019

However, it would not be surprising if Instagram implemented a corresponding function in the app.

After all, the social network started hiding the likes back in 2019. After an initial test in seven countries in July 2019, the official announcement was made in December 2019 that the likes should gradually disappear.

Since then, the picture has been mixed. While new accounts that were created after the announcement actually hide the specific number of likes and comments in the feed, many older accounts have not changed.

What is certain at the moment is that Instagram is not yet pursuing a uniform strategy with regard to the likes.

Why does Instagram want to hide the likes?

But what is the interest of the social network with its initiatives? According to leaders of Instagram and Facebook, it's about better protecting the mental health of users.

Several scientific studies have shown that likes and other metrics in social networks put enormous pressure on private and professional users. When the likes decrease, more and more people begin to doubt themselves and their own appearance.

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The recommendable Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma" shows this in an impressive and generally understandable way. Since the introduction of social media, the suicide rate among children and adolescents in the USA has risen enormously.

If users can now hide Instagram likes, it will be beneficial for the mental health of the users. The optional function that has now been tested also gives Instagram users even more self-determination. So every user can decide individually whether he wants likes or not.

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