What determines the music genre


The Beatles were a group that developed rock music. This is how beat music came about. This novel music was very popular with young people.
Classical music is mostly played by large groups of musicians in which many people play different musical instruments. These large groups of musicians are called orchestras.

Genre of music is a certain way of making music. By naming music genres, you can distinguish music by Johann Sebastian Bach, for example, from the music of the Beatles.

The oldest musical styles are folk music and church music. Folk music are songs that are very old and have always been passed on from parents to their children. The lyrics and the music of the songs are known to this day, but there is no specification with which musical instruments you play folk music. Some artists today play folk songs and children's songs with modern musical instruments to make them popular again.

What types of music are there?

Music styles often differ in which musical instruments are used. The music of Johann Sebastian Bach, for example, is mostly played by an orchestra with violins, violoncellos, flutes, trumpets and much more. This type of music is called classical music. Classical music is a very old style of music and one counts a lot today, namely all kinds of orchestral music from the 16th century to the present day. Because this period is so long, the music has of course always changed; classical music from the 16th century sounds different than classical music today.

There are very, very many styles of music in the world. That's because every culture has its own way of making music. Very different instruments are also used. Music was played differently in Africa than in Europe. When the different cultures met, the respective styles of music mixed and developed further.

For example, the dark-skinned slaves in the USA had their style of music, which was called blues, while the white settlers had country music. But soon white people began to play the blues too. A mixture of blues and country then gradually developed into rock music and later into pop music.

Blues, country, rock and pop are usually not played by entire orchestras, but by smaller groups of people. In all of these genres of music, the guitar is important, which does not play a role in classical music. In the blues there were often trumpets or saxophones, in rock the drums are important and in pop music there is often a piano.

Rock and pop music was also developed further. This is how the beat emerged from rock music, later punk or metal music. All of these styles of music were played at a certain time by young people who wanted to express with their new style of music that they wanted to be different from the old ones. Since computers have existed, there has also been music made with computers, known as techno or electronic music.

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