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Date of first publication: September 29, 2017 | Platforms: Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch | Genre: Shoot 'em up, Jump'n'Run | Number of players: Local up to 2 | Age rating: USK from 6 years | Website: Cuphead's website

With Cuphead you can expect a very special shoot ’em up: the game not only convinces with its hellish level of difficulty, but also with its graphics. Cuphead looks - and sounds - like a cartoon from the 1930s. The developers drew inspiration from the old cartoons by Walt Disney.

What's the matter?

The protagonists of the game are the two anthropomorphic cups Cuphead and Mugman, who live on the fictional island of Inkwell Isle. Against all warnings, the brothers visit the devil's casino. And it comes as it has to: the cups bet their souls and lose.

When Cuphead and Mugman beg for mercy, the devil offers them a deal: they should collect the souls of all debtors who have also lost their souls to the devil. So the brothers travel the island in search of the souls who are still missing.

How is it played?

In the single player you play either as a Cuphead or Mugman against your enemies. Both cups are played in local co-op mode. In co-op, however, the game becomes more difficult.

The levels consist almost exclusively of epic boss fights that are fought in several phases. The protagonists defend themselves by firing shots from their fingers, jumping and swinging back and forth.

The coins found in the levels can be used to purchase additional weapons or amulets. The amulets give the players special abilities or more life points.

Who is the game for?

  • Players who keep a cool head even in the most nerve-wracking situations
  • Players who can withstand the tremendous pressure of the difficulty level
  • People who like the aesthetics of old cartoons

Those who prefer to keep their hands off it

  • Players who are generally not into games with a high level of difficulty
  • Players who get frustrated quickly. You're going to die in Cuphead, and probably not just a few times
  • PS4 player: Cuphead can already be played in a Tesla, but still not on the Playstation 4

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