Union Pacific is a monopoly

Union Pacific

Step by step to the railroad baron

by Alan R. Moon


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up to 6 players


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Nominated for Game of the Year 1999

3rd place in the German Games Prize 1999

The functioning of capitalism apparently wants us to play Union Pacific demonstrate drastically. There becomes the great railway monopoly Union Pacific smashed and many smaller companies are now starting to expand their train service on the tracks of the ex-monopoly. But what happens: Some speculators continue to bet on the shares of the Union Pacific. And speculation works. Although the shareholders still go away empty-handed in the first year. But from the second year onwards, dividends skyrocket. And this although the Union Pacific no longer owns a single locomotive or wagon.

Alone on Union PacificHowever, speculating shares is not enough to win. For this it is important to win a majority of the shares in one or the other of the ten newly created railway companies. In addition, work must be done to expand the rail network of his railway company as much as possible so that the majority of the shares are rewarded with a particularly high premium.

The player whose turn it is has to choose between two things. Either she marks a rail connection between two cities on the game board with a locomotive in the color of a certain railway company. Or she plays shares in a company and places them in front of her. Because cards in hand do not count, only played cards are taken into account. Which of the two actions is better depends on when an intermediate scoring is carried out. And nobody knows this point in time beforehand, because the four intermediate scoring cards were shuffled into the draw cards somewhere.

Union Pacific is an impeccable economy game about railways that can be recommended without reservation. With this game, Alan R. Moon and Amigo their collaboration, which last year with the award of the Game of the year-Awards Elfenland was rewarded. How Elfenland is also Union Pacific not a novelty, but an adaptation of the 1990 Abacus published game Airlines. 2011 has Abacus games of the title accepted again. Airlines Europe is the name of the updated new edition.

We play Union Pacific - based on the author and publisher - with the following rule changes:
1. Six randomly selected actions are removed from the game face down in advance.
2. At the beginning each player receives five (instead of four) share cards, one of which is played immediately. There is also one Union PacificShare that may not be played before the start of the game.
3. Union PacificShares can only be obtained through exchange and not through purchase.
4. When a track type has been completely built on, the corresponding cards are immediately removed from the game.

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