What games offer free bitcoins

A dream, right? Bitcoin for free. But it doesn't have to remain a dream, because you can really get Bitcoin for free. I will tell you how to do this in this article.

There are different ways to get Bitcoin for free. Of course, it won't get you rich right away, but small amounts can add up over time.

On this page you will find my 7 golden crypto bridges to your free bitcoins.

Or do you want to buy Bitcoin directly? In this guide we will show you how to use Bitcoin securely, cheaply and within a few minutes can buy.

1. Airdrops for free bitcoins

Airdrops are a right easy way to get bitcoins for free and also other cryptocurrencies. There are 2 types of crypto companies that offer Airdrops. On the one hand, these can be established companies such as the Binance crypto exchange. With free airdrops, the exchange often wants to encourage users to take certain actions, for example sharing information on social networks. On the other hand, there are often new companies (startups) who want to increase their level of awareness and achieve network effects through free airdrops.

Airdrops often aim to take advantage of the network effect by involving existing holders of a particular cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum in their cryptocurrency or project.

Often, random Ethereum accounts with a value above a certain threshold receive various free airdrops.

Airdrops often have requirements, such as joining a telegram channel, sending a tweet back or inviting new users to the project.

If the participant has to contribute capital for the project, this is not referred to as an airdrop, but as an ICO or IEO.

2. Bitcoin faucets give free bitcoins

There are different websites who are constantly giving in mini amounts of free Bitcoin. Since the operators of the websites spend the amounts drop by drop, so to speak, the method is called “faucet”, which means “faucet” in German.

The free bitcoin amounts are usually very small. They are given in "Satoshi". A satoshi is the smallest sub-unit of bitcoin. 100 million satoshi equals one (1) bitcoin. This means that the sums range from under 1 US cent to perhaps a few US dollars and are unlocked every few minutes. The operators do this for advertising purposes, because the payouts attract visitors to the website and thus increase the number of clicks. This allows the site to earn more advertising so that it can be worthwhile and continue to offer rewards.

Examples of such websites are currently: Cointiply, Bonus Bitcoin and Bitcoinker.

To give you an idea of ​​how
the whole thing works, let's take a look at Cointiply. Go
first go to the website and enter your login details. For this you insert
Password and have to prove that you are a human (and not a robot).

When everything is done, you will be redirected to the main Cointiply page. Everything there seems a bit confusing at first, but you will surely find yourself quickly. First click on "Faucet" on the left. Then you can play and In the best case scenario, you win some coins. You can see the amount of your coins in the top right corner of the header.

You can increase your profits if you use the
Playing "Multiplier". To do this, click on "Play Now" at the bottom left. After a
Loading screen, the page presents you with various options for the
Increase the profit of the faucet. You can use your coins (all or just a part)
and then play a mini game, for example, to get your coins
multiply. The last time I tried, I got about one
Planet surface shown and I had objects on the surface
click, each of which brought me a multiplication bonus (red
Crystals). If I drew a gray crystal, my stake was lost and
ended the round.

3. Bitcoin games for free bitcoins

There are also various games on the Internet where you can win small amounts of Bitcoin for free. The games are usually filled with advertising because that's how they finance themselves. So the whole thing works similarly to the Bitcoin Faucets. The prospect of free Bitcoin brings customers to the game that advertises things and thus makes money for the provider who spends part of it on the customers.

So if you don't have a problem with advertising and want to while away the time with a game, a Bitcoin game might be just the thing. After all, you will earn a little bitcoin for free. I can suggest the following games / websites: Satoshi Quiz Show, Rollercoin and Spark Profit.

Inset: What about mining for free bitcoins?

"Mining" is, roughly speaking, the building of blocks for cryptocurrencies. These blocks are part of the underlying system of Bitcoin, the book of accounts, so to speak. Since they are all linked together, the system is also called “blockchain”. In order to form the blocks, the miners (more precisely: their computers) have to solve complex mathematical problems. If such a block is formed, the miner receives a reward in Bitcoin. So far so good.

The problem is that as the number of Bitcoins already mined increases, the difficulty increases. Mining today requires huge computing capacities and consumes huge amounts of electricity. In addition, there are some giants among the miners who dominate the market and have invested millions in halls full of high-performance computers. The times when you could put a little bit of the unused computing power of your own home computer into mining and thus earn Bitcoin for free are unfortunately over. Even if the mining is just barely profitable, you run the risk of the Bitcoin price falling and making your mining company unprofitable.

The same goes for cloud mining. Even if the offers are tempting, the probability is high that you will not earn any Bitcoin for free or even lose money. It is probably more profitable to simply buy Bitcoin than to mine it yourself.

A story on the side: Did you know that programmer Laszlo Hanyecz spent 10,000 Bitcoin on two pizzas in 2010? Hanyecz had contributed to the programming of the Bitcoin protocol and even mined Bitcoin on his laptop. If he had held the 10,000 Bitcoin, it would be worth over 77 million euros today. Of course, he didn't know at the time that Bitcoin would increase in value like this. After all, this purchase went down in history as the first Bitcoin transaction. By the way, Hanyecz himself takes it very calmly.

4. Casinos to win Bitcoin

Another way to get Bitcoin for free is to use Bitcoin casinos. There you have two options. You can play and win Bitcoin or focus on the free deposit bonuses. Many of the casinos want to win new customers and therefore grant new customers Bitcoin bonuses on their first deposit.

However, you have to look for the casinos that offer deposit bonuses in Bitcoin today, especially because the offers change frequently. You can try your luck at Red Stag Casino, SlotoCash Casino and Win a Day Casino. In any case, the casinos often offer bonuses of various types, often so-called "Free Spins" (free spins).

5. Shop with Bitcoin for free cashback

You can also log into certain shopping sites. If you buy from one of the affiliated dealers via these pages, In return, he will give you an amount in Bitcoin. An example of such a site is Lolli, which a number of large US companies have joined. These include, for example, Best Buy, Hilton, Office Depot and Walmart. The companies are based in the USA, but nowadays you can shop internationally without any problems. By the way: If you refer friends for Lolli, you will receive additional Bitcoin amounts for free.

Another suggestion is the Pei app, which is available for mobile devices. A special feature of Pei is that you can link various of your accounts and credit cards with Pei and then receive Bitcoin when you use them.

6. Account to earn Bitcoin interest

Another method to get free Bitcoins is - it's hard to believe - an interest-bearing investment. Yes, you heard right. For example, you can open an interest account with BlockFi and invest your Bitcoin there. The interest rates are impressive, because BlockFi offers up to 8.6% annual interest.

BlockFi generates this interest by
lends the invested bitcoins to large institutional financial players.
At the same time, BlockFi has taken sophisticated security measures that your
Protect Bitcoin Deposits.

Opening an account is also faster
than creating a savings account and only takes 2 minutes.

7. Free Bitcoin surveys

Another great way to earn small amounts of Bitcoin for free are survey and small work sites like TimeBucks. There you take part in surveys, watch slideshows and much more. TimeBucks credits you with Bitcoin for every task you complete. There are also bonuses and a referral program that you can use to increase your earnings.

Beware of fraud! In the world of gambling and big money, of course, there are also fraudsters. Therefore it is said: keep your eyes open! Be vigilant and skeptical if you have been promised large sums of Bitcoin for virtually nothing. All the methods presented here are fundamentally serious, but you should always be careful.

The withdrawal of the free bitcoins

When you've accumulated enough free Bitcoin, you can cash it out. However, you have to remember that Bitcoin has value and that all kinds of cyber criminals are after it. So you have to keep your Bitcoin safe. There are basically three options available to you for this.

1. Storage on a crypto exchange

If you have an account on a crypto exchange, you can send your free-earned bitcoins there and keep them in the account. However, this method is relatively insecure, because the crypto exchanges are repeatedly victims of hacker attacks. For example, take a look at this list for 2020.

2. Storage in a software wallet

A "wallet" is basically a digital wallet and safe in one. You download it as software and install it on your desktop computer or smartphone. In this wallet you then (to put it simply) store your free Bitcoins in encrypted form.

Such a software wallet is general
better than keeping it on a crypto exchange. Still, it still offers
Attack surface for savvy hackers, like any system that connects to the internet
connected is.

3. Storage in a hardware wallet

The currently safest (and still practicable) solution is currently storage in a hardware wallet. Such a wallet has a hardware component that you usually connect to your computer via a USB port and that is required to use your wallet. Attackers via the Internet do not have the hardware, so this variant is currently the best choice. We recommend the wallets from Trezor and Ledger. In addition, you should invest a little more money and buy a solution to secure the important "seeds" of the wallet (I recommend Cryptosteel). With the seed you can restore your wallet, even if the hardware should be lost.

Conclusion on free bitcoins

You see, free bitcoin is possible and a reality. So: take it! If you have discovered other possibilities on the Internet yourself, I would be happy if you leave me a comment with a link.

Last update: January 22nd, 2020