How can I open a Facebook wall

Post on Facebook on the wall

General information about the post

Pin boards are a simple, direct and public way of communication on Facebook. You can write on any Facebook wall, provided that this person has an activated wall and you are allowed to do so through friendship or privacy settings.

The pin board is for posting comments, pictures and videos and for sharing links. An entry made by you on the Facebook pages of your friends and strangers is also visible on your own profile.

You can delete pin board entries on your own pin board without any problems. You can also delete your posts on other pin boards by clicking in the top right corner of the post.

How to post on a Facebook wall

Posting is easy on Facebook:

  1. Log In. Log into Facebook with your email address and password. An overview of the activities of your friends, your applications, groups and news appears.
  2. Looking for a friend. Click in the blank space at the top of the page and enter the name of a friend whose wall you want to post. Click on the magnifying glass to the right of the field to confirm the search.
  3. Open friend profile. The profile of the Facebook member you are looking for opens. If there is a pin board, you will see it in front of you. There is a narrow line under the user information that says "Write something".
  4. Write a message. If you click into it, the field expands. Write your message on the bulletin board.
  5. Share more information. In the menu under the field you post pictures by clicking on the camera symbol. You can tag people and share their location, mood, and activities.
  6. Post. Submit your text by clicking on "Post". The post will be published on the Facebook profile of the person concerned. At the same time, it will be announced on your Facebook wall what you have posted on whose wall and when. If you do not want this, you can remove this information at any time.

Useful tips on wall posts

Privacy is a sensitive issue on Facebook. In your own privacy settings, you can determine who can post on your wall and who can see it. You can keep the board public for everyone or just for friends. You can even hide the whiteboard from your friends.

To get to your privacy settings, click the lock at the top of the page. Specify under "Privacy" who can see the entries on your pin board. Decide under "History and flagging settings" who can post on your page.

When posting, keep in mind that the content will be seen by others. You can send private messages to your friends using the messaging function.

Communication in public

The pin board is the flagship of the profile on Facebook. Friends share the state of health, activities, pictures and links with each other.

Delete what is out of date or what you no longer like. Post on someone else's pin board, pay attention to the content - it is visible to many users.

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