What are the uses of quartz glass

Quartz glass

Special properties

  • High transmission for ultraviolet light
  • Excellent optical properties
  • Enormous temperature resistance up to 1000 ° C
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Outstanding thermal shock resistance
  • Extremely high purity
  • Very low absorption
  • Excellent chemical properties
  • Low fluorescence

Typical applications of quartz glass

  • UV-transmitting optical components
  • Applications with very high operating temperatures
  • Quartz glass windows and substrates
  • Laser optics
  • Slides for UV applications
  • Mechanical quartz glass components
  • UV measurement technology
  • Applications in analytics
  • Window optics for space travel
  • Semiconductor technology

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You can find help in selecting the suitable quartz glass quality for your application in our frequently asked questions about quartz glass.


Optical quartz glass with UV quality

Quartz glass for demanding optical applications consists of synthetically produced, melted quartz raw materials. This type of extremely pure quartz glass is also known as synthetic fused silica. The material consists practically only of silicon and oxygen (silicon dioxide). It has a very low level of impurities and offers high optical quality. In addition, the amorphous glass has excellent transmission properties and a remarkably low absorption in the ultraviolet light spectrum. It can transmit more than 80% of the incident light at 185 nm. Such a high level of UV permeability cannot be achieved with almost any other glass.

Also worth mentioning are the thermal properties of quartz glass. It offers an outstandingly high temperature resistance and permanently withstands temperatures of up to 1000 ° C. In addition, the glass has excellent thermal shock resistance. These remarkable properties result from the low coefficient of thermal expansion of quartz glass.

The chemical resistance of quartz glass is also very good. It is characterized by an extremely high resistance to salt solutions, acids and water. The chemical resistance to bases exceeds that of almost all other glass materials and even that of many metals.

Due to its exceptional purity, quartz glass offers excellent electrical insulation properties. Since current can only flow through movable ionic impurities and these are extremely low in quartz glass, it has a particularly high insulation resistance compared to other glass materials. Such properties are often absolutely necessary for a material that is to be used for semiconductor applications in electronics.


Quartz glass optics

We usually produce quartz glass optics from block glass, so-called quartz glass boules. On request, this starting material can be selected with regard to inclusions and bubbles as well as an index homogeneity up to ≤ 0.5 ppm and specified accordingly. The raw glass is first sawn, shaped, ground and optically polished until a quartz glass look is created. In this way, we manufacture window optics, substrates, wafers, microscope slides, laser optics and numerous other optical components made of quartz glass with UV quality for industry, research and science.


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