What is being conducted 1

Two-year vocational school for business (in the 1st year managed as AV)

»Educational goals and contents of the two-year vocational school for business (in the 1st year run as AV):

  • Full time school
  • Build up on Hauptschule or grade 9 of Realschule and Gymnasium
  • Providing basic commercial training
  • very good preparation for vocational training
  • Promotion of access to apprenticeships and secondary schools


»Teaching concept in the two-year vocational school for business (in the 1st year managed as AV):

The AV concept is implemented in the 2BFW in the first year. The class has open study times every week in which the students learn to work independently. In addition, as part of a learning advisor concept, each student is assigned a teacher for individual support. With him, problems can be discussed, various learning methods can be practiced and group dynamic activities can be carried out. A learning diary helps to organize and structure everyday school life. The learning diary and, if necessary, current problems are discussed at regular meetings. This ensures personal and individual support for all students and is intended to help them in the event of a temporary decline in performance or lack of motivation, so that each student can make the transition to the second year of vocational school and complete it successfully.

»Admission requirements for the two-year business school:

For admission to the two-year vocational school, you need one of the following qualifications or one of the following certificates:
You have a diploma
• the secondary school
• of the career entry year (BEJ)
• VAB or BFPE with a secondary school leaving certificate
You have a certificate of transfer
• in grade 10 of secondary school
• in class 10 of the Werkrealschule
• in class 10 of the G9 (nine-year high school)
• in class 9 of the G8 (eight-year high school)
You have a certificate of departure
• after completing grade 9 of secondary school
• after completing class 9 of the G9
• after completing class 8 of the G8,
where you have to achieve an average of at least 4.0 in the subjects German, English and mathematics and in no more than one of these subjects
the grade “unsatisfactory” may be given.


" Internship:

In order to gain additional professional experience, the 2BFW students complete a mandatory two-week internship in the first school year.


»Possibilities after the two-year vocational school for business (in the 1st year managed as AV):

Pupils who have passed the final examination receive the certificate of technical school entrance qualification (Mittlere Reife), which corresponds to the secondary school leaving certificate.

When learning a trade, the training time can be shortened.

The following secondary schools can be attended with the certificate of technical college entrance qualification:

  • the one- or two-year vocational college
  • a vocational high school, provided that the admission requirements are met