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Eating, drinking, cattle drive - a Tyrolean cultural asset

After a tank or two of beer is a Tyrolean Marend the perfect strengthening: the snack or snack consists of various smoked sausages, bacon, mountain cheese and freshly baked bread. The whole thing is served on a thick wooden board with side dishes such as lard, cold roast slices and radishes.

Arrival and accommodation

Agritourism is on the advance not only in the Alps, but worldwide. The cattle drive is particularly suitable to catch an insight into the traditional customs and festivals of alpine culture. From Salzburg or Munich you can take the train or car to the nearest village that celebrates this custom. Tyrol is about an hour and a half by car from Salzburg and is one of the most popular destinations. There the villages of Pertisau, Steeg and Tannheim are good starting points. The cattle drives usually take place between September and October. Lists of cities and dates for the celebrations can be found on various websites of tourism associations for the Alpine region.

With suitable hiking equipment and a shepherd's stick (a thin branch will do too), visitors can join a cattle drive or simply walk comfortably next to the herd. Alternatively, down in the valley villages, it is good to wait for the herd to arrive with a meal and cold drink.

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