Why do some footballers become late converters?

A footballer develops

Everyone knows these groups and yet it is forgotten again and again in football.

What happens when development phases in football are skipped?

For example, those who do not learn the ball feel and techniques at a young age skip this training level. You can then make up for it later, but the observer will always recognize it, because something is missing in the gross motor skills.

Now we come to the positional play, because as a coach I can make the same mistakes here as with a lack of technical training, you just don't notice it that quickly.

Footballers who specialize in certain skills at an early stage are deprived of important development phases, because every position in football requires different skills. The best example is always the goalkeeper: anyone who has only ever stood in goal from Bambini on cannot have had any good football training at all, because important development phases were not adequately supported. A trip out of the goal is like a journey of adventure, where should the experience of playing football outside of the penalty area come from?

Unfortunately, this fixed positional play works at a young age because it is more successful. It works well for a few years, but these players will fail in the older juniors at the latest, and there will be no more great successes. Even great talents are lost because they meet players who are fully trained in football. You have learned over the years to adapt to changing game situations and have far more game skills.

Do not take away this development phase from your soccer children and, if positional play, then rotate so that the children can gain their important experiences. "Rotation" is not just the magic word for professionals. It is meant differently with children and adolescents, but much more important.