Algeria will annex Libya as a territory

African ambitions

The Moroccan government is angry about German foreign policy: "The Federal Republic of Germany has repeatedly acted hostile against the higher interests of the Kingdom of Morocco," said the Foreign Ministry on Thursday and called its ambassador in Germany back to Rabat for consultations - without warning.

What happened? The German federal government does not want to accept Morocco's sovereignty over Western Sahara, which has been annexed in violation of international law - and is thus acting entirely in accordance with international law. In March, the Moroccan government fired a warning shot that was unusual in diplomatic relations and ordered that all communication with the German embassy in Rabat be stopped - even then without warning.

Does the dispute over Western Sahara really explain everything? Apparently, Morocco does not feel that it is being taken seriously in the role it has ascribed to itself as a regional power. In January 2020, Rabat reacted angrily to his exclusion from the Berlin Libya Conference. In Thursday's statement, the Foreign Ministry complained that Germany was stubbornly trying to prevent Morocco from exercising its "regional role", "especially on the Libya question."

The Libyan parties to the conflict did indeed negotiate in Morocco, but their ambitions go beyond Libya: King Mohammed VI, who has ruled since 1999. wants Morocco to play a key role in Africa. “Mohammed VI. has made Africa policy a top priority, «writes Maghreb expert Isabelle Werenfels, and is investing heavily, especially in West Africa, in order to open up new sales markets. At the political level, Morocco competes primarily with Algeria, the protective power of the Polisario who is fighting for the independence of Western Sahara. While Algeria's influence is waning, including in the African Union (AU), Morocco is staking out its interests.

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