Can I be buried vertically?

Australia: Eco-friendly funerals


Frozen dead in degradable plastic bags and trees that offset CO2 emissions

Sydney - In Australia, funeral directors vie for "environmentally friendly" funerals: To offset the carbon dioxide emissions caused by cremations, an undertaker offers to plant trees. In Melbourne, on the other hand, the deceased want to be frozen and buried vertically in degradable plastic bags.

Environmental pollution from grave maintenance

According to the undertaker, cremations are more environmentally friendly than burials. Burning would produce 160 kilograms of climate-damaging carbon dioxide, 120 more than an earth burial. But if you factor in grave maintenance and the mowing of huge areas of grass in cemeteries, burials polluted the environment ten percent more than cremations in the long term.

Vertical in a plastic bag

A funeral home in Melbourne wants to make it even more environmentally friendly soon. Palacom offers funerals in degradable plastic bags. The deceased should first be frozen and then carried to the grave in mass processing. Around 30,000 dead are to be buried on the company's five-hectare site. The deceased should be buried vertically. As soon as the area is full, it can be cultivated as a field again. (APA)

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