Which iPad supports the Airtel 4G network?

Will an iPad (newest) purchased in the US work on Verizon in India?

Airtel recently rolled out 4G / LTE services in Bangalore, but it made no difference to the iPAD 3 community. When I contacted Airtel's technical support, I was offered an LTE indoor wireless gateway. Their claim is that you can take LTE WiFi spot with you with your iPAD, not a bad idea for those who are on the go with all of their electronic devices.

Technically, the new iPAD now supports LTE bands at 700 MHz and 2100 MHz, and in India, DOT has allocated BWA / LTE frequencies from 2300 to 23400 MHz. Second, there is of course the difference in the LTE technology modes Time Division Duplex (TDD - also known as TD-LTE), Frequency Division Duplex (FDD - also known as FD-LTE) and Half FDD. The Apple LTE specifications for AT & T & Verizon's FD-LTE network configuration follow, and Airtel has a TD-LTE network. So all new iPad 3 users in Kolkata and Bangalore will have to settle for a 3G network.

In India, the 2100 MHz band is used by the defense to sooner or later release 5 MHz for BWA. The 700 MHz band is used by BSNL, Defense and other civil protection agencies, a bandwidth of around 40 MHz is used, and TRAI has recommended that this frequency band be released for BWA use.

BSNL had withdrawn from the BWA / LTE space, which will lead private actors to dominate and bring in their pricing plans. Additionally, it will be interesting to watch others including Qualcomm, Infotel (subsidiary of Reliance), Aircel, and Tikona, who won e-actions in mid-2010, and their plans to deploy LTE. A lack of harmony between the frequency winners creates interoperability issues and end users have to endure the pain. It will be similar to the current stories of TV set top boxes, they are not portable between satellite dish service providers, although the devices are generic.

However, this is not due to Airtel, which uses TD-LTE technology, but to the iPAD, which cannot establish a connection (as an Airtel told me), but to the frequency band that iPADs with (700 and 2100 MHz) and DOT (2300 MHz). I want Apple to release a new baseband update (aka modem firmware - not sure about other dependencies like antennas etc) with 2300 MHz band from DOT for BWA. There is a difference between Indian and American operators. American operators spend millions on interoperability and field tests. FT is also being carried out in India, with greatly reduced scope and coverage. Remember, they also invested in large amounts for frequencies, equipment, and other assets. As such, they have certainly done due diligence to confirm DOT / TRAI / Government's deployment commitments to protect end users like you and me.