How does an artist introduce himself?

Regular school & media school - Meuselwitz

The opening of an exhibition with your own paintings is always something very special. But when you are only 16 years old, like Toni Gerhardt, still a student at the state regular school and media school “Geschwister Scholl” Meuselwitz, then that is something really exciting.
On Wednesday, January 16, 2013, at 4.30 p.m. it was time for him for the first time. Around forty interested people gathered in the main branch of the Sparkasse Altenburg on Wettiner Strasse to admire the young painter's 36 pictures. “We rarely had so many visitors to an exhibition opening!” Said an employee of the Sparkasse. But if a student shows such a special talent, like Toni Gerhardt, then it is worth taking a look.

After a few greetings from the head of the Sparkasse and brief congratulations, the young painter first told those present about his passion for art, which began in early childhood and was always encouraged and supported by his parents. Even when he started school, it remained his favorite pastime. And it is still the case today that he uses every possible minute to paint and draw. His pictures, now on public display for the first time, were inspired by various painters from different eras. Especially portraits of women, the portrait of a child and the portrait of a young man in black and white impress with their closeness to reality. You can also find still life and landscapes. Wonderful bouquets of flowers shine from the canvas, and a lemon-yellow butterfly unfolds its splendor, as if it were about to fly away. In addition to the motifs, one is amazed above all at the incredible attention to detail and the craftsmanship with which the young artist understood how to capture clothes, fabrics, lace and other details on the canvas. He himself guided the visitors through the exhibition and explained the most important pictures. Many of those present were so enthusiastic that some of the paintings will now find their way to new owners.
The exhibition can be viewed in the main branch of the Sparkasse in Altenburg for another two weeks.
We wish the young talented painter Toni Gerhardt all the best and much success on the further artistic path.

B. Tiedtke