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A novella is a type of narrative in which the plot is kept very tight compared to the novel. It is a short to medium length tale.

The protagonists often suffer from isolation, marginalization or a lack of communication. Further characteristics of the amendment are tight and predominantly linear actions. (Red thread)

A novella has a brief exposition, leads quickly and without further ado
to the climax and turning point, followed by a fall and fade out.
(see also the de novellas, term, genre history, characteristics)

Often a conflict between order and chaos is described in it, what to
a breach of norms and uniqueness.

A novella dispenses with subplots and has only a few
Main characters (= protagonists).

The novella often has a leitmotif and a (thing) symbol.
Goethe described 1827 as an essential feature of the novella
an unheard-of incident occurred“.
Also in Goethe's work Novella is from one
"Strange, unheard-of event" the speech.

Your action is focused on a sudden, critical event,
through which the life path of the protagonist a fateful one
Takes a turn.

Novellas are usually very clearly structured and have
a closed shape.

The structure of the novella is similar to that of the drama:
a) exposure
b) Introduction to the - crisis
c) delay
d)) Solution / disaster

Theodor Storm once wrote that the novella because of her
composed and structured structure is "the sister of drama".

The novella is mostly only a brief exposition,
that guides the reader directly into the action.

The theme of "man and nature" in ballads and novels

The third part of the self-study course on the world of texts introduces ballads and novels. The students learn what the special characteristics of these types of text are and deal with the intentions of the authors. The common bracket of the works dealt with in this booklet is the topic “Man and Nature”.