How do you get to Habitat for Humanity

Every life counts

Are you coming with me? We're going to demonstrate.“ – „Against what?“ – „Wrong question: what for! For life. Every life counts. Black Lives Matters! ”I thought that was good: on the one hand, that our young colleagues wanted to take to the streets for a good cause; and on the other hand, that they asked me if I would come with them. It is about setting an example that every life is valuable, regardless of nationality, skin color, gender, religious denomination or ethnic origin.

I was deeply shocked by the images of the death of the African American George Floyd, who was killed in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis. I had lived there for some time a few years earlier, in the rectory of Saint Olaf Catholic Church, and I remember how naturally we prayed, worked, celebrated and laughed together there. I think of our Afro-American singer in the church service, the altar boys of Indian origin, our Afro-American chief financial officer ... Father Patrick, the pastor of the parish, reported on the great solidarity in these days and the commitment with which the parishioners are for people of all skin colors deploy. Not only black, every life counts - also the life of the homeless who are housed and cared for next door; also the lives of poor, mostly African-American families, whose houses are being repaired in a large-scale community action (Habitat for Humanity); also the life of the children of immigrants in the Risen Christ School, 80% Latinos, who are not only supported in school but holistically and are prepared for life.

Every life counts, and not just a little, but completely, fully. Here with us too, and I have the impression that there is still a lot to be done, even if the strong images of the protests recede into the background. The obligation remains that every life really counts. "What is he, God, that you think of him“I can't get a psalm verse out of my mind. "You made him little less than God, crowned him with glory and honor.“(Psalm 8) Everyone, regardless of their identity: an image of God. Every child that is born is a gift from God. Who are we to make differences ?!