Watching Malayalam films outside of India

More than Bollywood

(nd). Contemporary Indian cinema is the focus of the "Days of! Ndia" film series from February 1 to 7 in the Arsenal cinema. Indian cinema is more than Bollywood, the cinema announced in an announcement.

The Arsenal is showing a selection of seven films from the last four years: debuts by young directors, excellent auteur films, cinematic exploration of Indian history, contemporary Bollywood cinema, lavish studio productions and independent works that have already been shown at festivals outside of India.

According to Arsenal, the films reflect the complexity and multilingualism of India - in addition to Hindi, the languages ​​Bengali, Marathi and Malayalam are also represented. The series will open today at 7 pm with the historical love drama »Jodhaa Akbar« by Ashutosh Gowariker.

Entry to all screenings is free.

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