Where can I buy a folder


Folder here, folder there

The folder is one of the most important systems of organization within an office. However, it is usually not a single folder. It is in the nature of things that files are practically always presented as a series. The folder, such as the Leitz folder or ring folder from Herlitz, divides the archiving of documents according to different topics named on the spine label. Of course, there are not only DIN A4 folders with a spine width of 80 mm and thus a filling height of approx. 60 mm, made of cardboard, with a handle hole and lever mechanism, but this ring folder is already the classic among folders. The format is the typical DIN marking of the letterhead and printer paper is usually around 20 x 30 cm in size. Almost all manufacturers deliver the files with the cloud marble look, although the back label can be designed very differently. It can be exchanged as required, which allows the folder to be assigned flexibly. If the task is always the same, folders with a normal spine label can of course also be used. However, the removable label also allows the design on the computer with a subsequent imprint of the identification.

Folder just in case

The cloud marble folder shows itself to be extremely resistant when it comes to dangerous environmental influences. Folders just in case are primarily the PP folders, named after the thermoplastic polypropylene. This plastic, which can be produced in many variations, ensures rigidity and, to a large extent, also repels moisture. Thus, the protection for the stored papers is to be rated considerably higher than an ordinary ring binder made of cardboard could offer. A prerequisite for this is, of course, that the folder gallery has to be accommodated in one of the usual furniture / systems. Folders are stored here ready to hand and at the same time protected.

The most common format for folders is A4. But one of the strengths of this system is its flexibility. There are also smaller and larger formats with different back widths that work with the same or similar lever mechanism and with or without a grip hole. Even oversized landscape formats can cope with special tasks, such as the storage of large plans and maps.

Similar to the magazine file, the basic idea of ​​the files also contributes to the success here: Individual arrangement in a book-like format. This makes it easier to access every object of the content.

The scale folder

The high reputation of the folder in the office world is of course also a burden. Compared to the classic folders, alternative or new products must first be successfully established. Not every candidate succeeds in this, because the stewards can look back on many years of experience in a wide variety of areas. Numerous subordination systems have adapted to the norms of the stewards. Various examples could be named:

  • Business cards can be sorted into appropriate collection boxes, but special covers for the DIN A4 folders also take on this task.
  • CDs, DVDs, BDs and other electronic data carriers can also be archived in folders.
  • There are badge covers for ID cards that can be stored in the usual folder.
  • A photo album is a great thing; maybe it is more practical to store the photos of the company's history in folders or to present them. For example, if you want to present photos of the company's work at a trade fair, a folder is better off because of its robustness.
  • Zip bags can hold product samples in the folder for archival purposes.
  • Brochures can be easily sorted in folders.

The examples could be continued. Everyday office life shows that too. It is not surprising. The qualities of the files have been obvious for years. For example, the size has proven to be handy. Even slightly overcrowded A4 folders can still be handled relatively well. The next larger format, DIN A3 folders, require a lot more power.