Why do they call fishermen anglers

Fishing sayings and quotes

Here you will find a collection of sayings and proverbs, as well as quotes from well-known personalities on the subject of fishing.



"All fish lay eggs, the Russian even caviar."

"Old fishermen never die, they just stink as if."

"Everyone is happy about the delicious fish, just not Grete, who is struggling with the bone."

"When we returned home, we were as fresh as fish that went swimming for the first time."

"... if I were you I would only fish at night, the fish won't see you ..." [Inspector Schimanski]

"Fishing: the least suspicious kind of idleness."

"Fishing: patiently wait for hours in one spot until nothing has been caught."

"Fishing is a great object lesson for human equality - all people are equal before fish!"

"Fishing is the only kind of philosophy you can get fed up with." [Peter Bamm]

“You can tell anglers by the fact that they don't catch anything. If a man who was allegedly fishing brings home fish, caution is advised. "

"The king's fish also have bones." [Indian proverb]

"You can catch big fish with a small hook." [Chinese proverb]

"Apart from the oil sardine, no living being sees the light of day twice."


“B is a very important letter. Without it, the perch would look gross. "

"For the fishing test:" Can you please name seven predatory fish? "Then the examinee:" Five pike and two perch! ""

"Bismarck was just a herring, too."


"The fish fingers freeze between your teeth!"

"That's why I put my fish in the water."

"The early worm catches the best."

“The most interesting creature in zoology is the fish. It still grows after it has long been eaten. At least in the angler's eyes. "[Ernest Hemingway]

"But that's a narrow pike, said de Angler when he caught an eel."

"The most important thing when fishing is to have long arms so you can show how big the fish you caught."

"Definition of humanity: despise the angler and feed on the fish he catches." [Hans Kudszus]

"You don't look ... into the gills of the gifted perch."

"The fisherman waits hours, the fool a life." [Russian proverb]

"The drunk stood in front of the shop window of the fish shop and wondered if he had drowned."

"The best bait to fish for people is money."

"The poet fishes in the river that flows through him."

"The cod is brisk, but the jellyfish can do it all!"

"The husband to his wife:" You darling, I want to leave today. I'm going fishing! "" I know, "replies the wife," the trout has already called three times. ""

“The fish you catch is always the biggest.” [Chinese proverb]

“The fish swims three times in its life: in water, in lard and in wine.” [French proverb]

“Man does not see the disaster, he only sees the profit; the fish does not see the fishing rod, it only sees the bait. ”[Mantschu-Tatar proverb]

"The fisherman only tells the truth when he calls another fisherman a liar."

"The fishmonger threw the trout over the counter so that the angler at home could say he had caught them."

"The salmon feeds on herrings, just wondering how they can get the cans open!"

"The animal lover never strokes a fish against the direction of the tail."

"The whale is completely wrongly named because the whale is neither a fish nor a nut."

"The worm that hangs on the line does not have to taste good to the angler, but to the fish."

"The fish have a good life, they drink when they want."

“The fish sleep too. That's what they have the river bed for. "

"The big fish that you want to catch are always on the other bank."

"The trout's last words: Everything in butter!"

"There's a catch, said the fish as it was hooked."

"The neglected wife of the angler in the drugstore:" Do you have a perfume that smells like trout? ""

"The whales belong to the mammals, the herrings to the boiled potatoes."

“The wisdom of creation can be recognized by the fact that fish are mute. Otherwise what kind of noise there would be if they cackled over every egg. "[Fritz Kortner]


"One bad fish spoils the whole kitchen." [African proverb]

"A fish so big that it can swallow a ship cannot even grow ants on dry land."

"A fish that wants to go higher and higher often has to entrust itself to a fishing rod." [Arthur Feldmann]

“A small fish on the table is better than a big one in the stream.” [Lithuanian proverb]

"A person without religion is like a fish without a bike."

“A nice day, don't we want to go fishing? said the fisherman to the worm. "

"I had to fight for an hour until the fish was out!" - "Yes, yes, my wife had such a can opener too."

"You can finally get upstairs," said the fish when it was hooked. "

"He is as curious as a fish." [Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]

"If a fisherman tells about the killer whale, it was definitely just a young eel."

“There are more and more flying fish. Probably because of the pollution of the water. "

"There are people who catch fish and those who only cloud the water." [Chinese proverb]

"It's nice to dive in the sea with friends and other fish."


"Fish that bark don't bite."

"Catching fish, bird spots have spoiled many a bachelor."

"Fish is caught with a rod, folks with the words." [Irish proverb]

"Fish are the only living things that still grow even after death."

"Fischer Fritz fishes fresh fish, fresh fish fishes Fischers Fritze."

"If the farmer flies into the swamp, happiness is the trump card for the fish!"

"Flounder, carp, pike and plaice have scales, not wool."

"Woman: a fish that catches the angler." [Mark Twain]

"For the dead wine, for the living water, that is a rule for fish." [Martin Luther]


"Guests and fish hardly stay fresh for three days." [Polish proverb]

"If your boss goes fishing early, you can shuffle the cards."

"If the fish is not on the line, there will soon be no shortage of rain."

"Bones are the revenge of the fish."


"Did you catch all of the fish you have in this bucket by yourself?" "No, I had a worm that helped me."

"Today you should fish with fireflies instead of worms because of the polluted lakes."

"Here we are fish, says the stickleback to the snail."

"Help, my fish is drowning!"

"Here hangs a fish in the net, like the poor man's right in the law." [William Shakespeare]


"I don't find any bones in it, said the fool as he swallowed a frog."

"I'm standing in the rain and waiting for the fish."

"I now understand that the fish don't bite: I tried one of these worms .."

"It is good to fish in cloudy conditions, but also to escape!"

"Some great pikes have got caught in fishnet stockings."

“In East Friesland, an angler pulled a wallet with over € 1000 out of the water. The event was in the daily newspaper. The next day more than 200 fellow anglers asked which bait he had used. "

"In bad times the herring is also a fish." [Jewish proverb]

"Eat the fish while it is fresh, marry off the daughter while she is young." [Danish proverb]

"If the first fish is a perch, the whole day is in the Arsc *!"

"No matter how small the fish, it must first be caught!"

"If the fishing is bad again, the angler will soon be blue too!"


"Now they are making the herrings smaller and smaller, said the woman when she saw sardines in the shop."

“Johann, chase the fish under the bridge. It's starting to rain!"


"Cod: a fish made from slices."

"Carp are like women, they want to be lovingly surprised .." [Komissar Schimanski]

"No pale critic of bones should come under our eyes." [Stefan Wolf]

"No fish without a bones, no person without faults." [Norwegian proverb]

"Does a woman come to the angler and ask:" And, do the fish bite? "The angler replies:" No, you can stroke them! ""

"Come and go fishing, said the fisherman to the worm." [Bert Brecht]

"If the wind comes from the east angler let the hook rust, if the wind comes from the west, the fish bites best."


"Never lend your comb to a fish, it could have scales!"

"Better to have a grete on your neck than a bone in your throat."

"Better blue whales than sardines."

"Better cod than cable TV."

"I prefer rain while fishing than sunshine while working."

“A story of lies: I recently caught a fish that was so big that the water level dropped two meters when I pulled it out. It wasn't a whale. I used it as bait. "

"Lung fish are small fish that live in the lungs."


"Do you destroy the sea level when you set sail?"

"Boneless mackerel is what the angler calls rays."

"You have to sacrifice a fly to catch a trout."

"One would have to enjoy love the way one eats fish: without swallowing the bones." [Alphonse Karr]

"One tries to catch the middle piece, of women and of fish." [Roman proverb]

"You throw a lucky guy into the sea and it comes back with a fish in its mouth." [Arabic proverb]

"Some think they fish and just crab." [Macedonian proverb]

“Some people don't cross the Rubicon. You'd rather stay on the bank and fish. "

"Some people think that they are a great pike and that they are just a small fish!"

"Sometimes it rains so hard that the fish swim under the bridge to avoid getting wet."

“Mark Hughes is a typical British striker. Neither fish nor meat. "[Jupp Heynckes]

"My fish has rheumatism, and now I should protect it from moisture."

"My new boss is so strict that he even yells at the fish in the aquarium."

“I don't care who your father is. As long as I'm fishing here, nobody walks over the water here! "

"Only the lazy or already rotten fish swim with the current."

"This fishing cutter is breaking new ground."

"Hung, caught, said the worm to the fish."


"Nature park is when fishing is only allowed to the birds."

"The other day the teacher showed us an old, petrified clay and in it the footprints of fossil fish."

"Mermaid: not enough fish to fry, not enough woman to love."

"Only a dead fish goes with the flow." [Chinese proverb]

"Just because you swim against the current doesn't mean you get out of style, or wouldn't someone call a salmon a fish?" [Robert Kroiss]


"Whether fish that fall through the mesh of the net suffer from inferiority complexes?"

"Without a fishing rod and float, there is only canned fish."

"Without fish, the dolphins won't lift a finger anymore."


"Poisson sans boisson poison. Fish without a drink is poison. "


"Save the fish fingers!"


“Says the herring mother to her youngest child:“ Swim right now! Otherwise you will still be a rollmops! ""

"Even the fish would not be caught if it shut its mouth." [American proverb]

“It's a shame we didn't visit your restaurant earlier! Then the fish would have been fresh. "

"Schiller is the only German author whose curls are for sale in pastry shops and fish shops."

"The fish is beautiful in the river, much nicer on the lunch table!"

"Terrible, this pollution: yesterday I opened a can of sardines - full of oil and all the fish dead!"

"Terrible rain - even fish drowned!"

"If an angler swims among the fish, he will certainly not get anything!"

"Since dealing with loan sharks, he has lost his appetite with fish!"

"Even the densest transport network is useless because there are no fish on our roads."

"You are as healthy as a fish in water: You have been poisoned by mercury."

“Two anglers sit by the river. One takes out a boot, the other a hat. "You, we have to go, someone lives down there." "


"If the mermaid wears Schillerlocken, knock the matjes off their socks!"


"We stood in front of a fish shop with a bad smell and watched the animals in the open."

“Everyone has their own view of morality and wisdom. The fish sees them from below, the bird from above. ”[Chinese proverb]

“Chance reigns everywhere. Just let your fishing rod hang. Where you least believe it is where the fish sits in the vortex. "[Publius Ovidius Naso]

"Our house is so damp, today we found a fish in a mousetrap!"

“Our goal is to make people independent and responsible for their lives. That's why we don't give them fish to eat, but a fishing rod and line! "


“Why do the fish have scales? Because they don't do anything about it. "

“Why can you only eat plaice in East Frisia? Because the houses are only 40 centimeters high. "

“Why do the seagulls come so far into East Frisia? Because it smells so nice of fish. "

"Why do you put the place settings so far apart?" The restaurant manager asks the waitress. “The fishing club meets tonight. They need space for size information. "

“Why are fish bad tennis players? Because they don't want to get connected to the network. "

“Why should you never lend a fish a comb? He could have dandruff. "

“What is the most polite job? The fish smoker. He makes kippers. "

“What does the male fish do when the female does not hear it? It rushes out of the water! "

"What good is it to the fish if it could talk when every society eats it?" [Brana Crncevic]

“What are the East Frisians looking for in the dry river bed? Sleepy fish. "

“What does the fat fishmonger weigh? Fishes!"

“Which fish have their eyes closest together? The small."

“Which fish has a strong rope in the front? The cod! "

"If someone is perverted enough to go fishing at five in the morning, then he deserves nothing but to be shot." [Inspector Schimanski]

"If the water in your aquarium is getting less and less, your fish have probably been drinking too much."

"If the fish has bitten, any remorse comes too late." [Walter Ludin]

"If democracy becomes nothing more than a fishing trip for the general wealth of the people, we will be finished!"

"If you feel neglected, think of the salmon that lays 3 million eggs but doesn't have one that congratulates you on Mother's Day." [Sam Ewing]

“If you are hungry, you can ask for a fish. Or you can learn to fish. ”[Chinese proverb]

"If my wife really needs sea air, I'll go to the fish shop for her soon!"

"Who sows blinkers will harvest predatory fish."

"If you see the sky in the water, you see the fish on the trees!"

“Who fishes better, the Saxons or the English? The Anglo-Saxons. "

"If you only have a small pan, you don't need to catch any big fish."

“How does a blonde kill a fish? By drowning! "

“How do flounders come about? You catch herrings and bring them to the auction. There they come under the hammer. "

“We don't need a fishing license to go fishing! We think that's the fish too! "

"The cat would like to have the fish, but the paws shouldn't get wet."

“Did you know what cannibals eat on Friday? Fishes? Wrong: fisherman! "


"Electric eels are often mistaken for cod because of their electrical voltage."

“Two goldfish swim in a glass with little water. Mrs. Goldfisch: "You will ruin us with your booze." "