Achilles was a demigod

The great Greek hero Achilles

Achilles - the famous Greek hero

In Homer's Illias, which describes the Trojan War, Achilles (or Achilles) is the greatest and most important hero.

The whole story Homer tells is about the hero Achilles. That's why I'm going to introduce you to the most important heroes in Homer's story. Achilles is famous not only for his heroic deeds, but also for his weak point: His heel: Achilles' heel - everyone has heard of it before.

Achilles is the preeminent fighter on the side of the Greeks. The Greeks look pretty old without Achilles, at least that's what the poet Homer tells us.

Around Achilles, other heroes on the part of the Greeks as well as the defenders of Troy play an important role in the course of history.

  • Hector, the eldest son of Priam, king of the city of Troy and greatest hero of the defenders of the city of Troy. It is Achilles who finally kills Hector, supported by Athena.
  • Patroclus, the friend, cousin and lover of Achilles, Achilles is set for irrepressible vengeance after his friend is killed by Hector.
  • Agamemnon, the general of the Greeks, gets into an argument with Achilles, which sets the whole story that Homer tells in motion in the first place
  • Paris, a younger brother of Hector, who, with his choice for Aphrotdite, when asked which of the goddesses was the most beautiful, triggered the war for Troy. Paris, an excellent archer, will shoot the deadly arrow at Achilles, aided by Apollo.
  • King Priam, King of the Trojans. Priam has 50 children, many of whom died before him in the battles against the storming Greeks. After his son Hector has been killed by Achilles, he will go to the camp of the Greeks and ask Achilles for the body of his son. A gesture that touches Achilles in such a way that he fulfills King Priam.

Achilles' heel

Achilles was the son of a goddess, the goddess Thetis, and a mortal, Pelias.

Like many heroes, Achilles was a demigod from birth and therefore with superhuman abilities; Courage, strength, skill, equipped.

But Achilles was also a half-human and therefore not immortal. His mother Thetis was not happy to lose her son again so soon. What is 20 or 30 years in the face of eternity.

She became concerned when the oracle of Apollo prophesied to the newborn Achilles that Achilles would find death fighting at a young age.

Thetis tried everything possible to avert this fate of her son. As a small child, Achilles was taken to the underworld by his mother.

Thetis dipped her son Achilles in the River Styx to make him invulnerable. Well thought and done, Achilles was now invulnerable indeed.

Only Thetis hadn't considered that the place where she was holding her child, the heel, could not be wetted by the water of the Styx. And it was precisely at this point that Achilles was vulnerable. A fact that nobody actually knew or could have known about ...

The clairvoyant god Apollon, however ... he knew about Achilles' unwetted heel.

What should be Achilles' doom. Because Apollon steered the arrow from Paris exactly on Achilles' heel, so that the invulnerable hero Achilles was finally killed.

The great Greek hero Achilles