What do you want in employment

Jobnavi - what do you want to be?

As an interface to schools, young people and parents, the Jobnavi point of contact helps young people with professional orientation and companies with the search for the right young people.

Together with Wiesbaden-based companies, the Jobnavi organizes campaigns such as "Design your future", invites you to "Job in Real" job taster days or organizes application workshops.

Companies are supported by the Jobnavi in ​​the search for the right offspring, especially suitable interns and trainees.

Teenagers receive support from the Jobnavi in ​​their professional orientation if they

  • Have questions about the right job
    If you are not yet sure which profession you would like to pursue, the Jobnavi offers information and support with professional orientation
  • looking for vacant internship or apprenticeship positions
    The Jobnavi establishes direct contact with internship and training companies
  • Need help with your application or before an interview
  • Would like to receive information about dual BA study opportunities

The Jobnavi is aimed at both young people and their parents. It is the contact point for students from all branches of school.

The film about the Jobnavi, which introduces the Jobnavi team and shows their work, offers a quick first glimpse.