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Employer rating portals: kununu vs. glassdoor

Employer branding via employer rating portals

With 30 million users, glassdoor is one of the most influential employer rating portals in the USA. For the 10 million companies evaluated, the platform offers an opportunity to attract the attention of potential employees. Because around 86% of users are actively looking for information about a new job or are open to changing jobs.

So is glassdoor a promising recruiting tool? And how does the platform compare to the industry leader kununu?

Since January 2015 there is also a German offshoot of glassdoor. So far there are 6,500 companies here, including B. Siemens or Adidas, listed. Industry leader kununu, on the other hand, has over 270,000 companies and over a million ratings. The evaluation portal founded in Vienna has been a subsidiary of the Xing networking platform since 2013. Both internet platforms have set themselves the goal of creating greater transparency on the job and applicant market. Employees and applicants have the opportunity to rate companies anonymously and free of charge online. Both providers enable employers to create company profiles that can be used as a tool for employer branding. Job advertisements can be published on both kununu and glassdoor. In this sense, both communities can be understood not only as employer rating portals, but also as job and recruiting platforms. Despite these obvious similarities, both portals differ in terms of their functionalities.

kununu vs. glassdoor: who can do what?

Not all evaluation platforms are the same. Anyone who decides to create a company profile should first take a look at the different functionalities. What do kununu and glassdoor offer?

** kununu: **

  • Founded: 2007
  • Ratings: 1,289,000
  • Reviews of 274,000 companies
  • Features: forum, job exchange, creation of own company profiles (with the integration of e.g. videos, photos and job advertisements) possible

Companies have the option of creating paid employer branding profiles or training profiles that are effective for both kununu and the parent company Xing. In addition to texts on company presentation, benefits or applicant information, pictures, videos, podcasts and job postings can also be published. In the kununu search function, companies with an employer branding profile are placed more prominently. Companies with employer branding profiles are specifically advertised on the part of competitors. Employers without a corresponding profile have to tolerate advertisements.

kununu offers very extensive evaluations in three categories with a 5-point system: employer, application and training. The employer evaluation is based on 13 criteria, for example the working atmosphere, image, salary and social benefits, manager behavior or work-life balance. The application process can be evaluated using ten criteria, including the response time, appreciative treatment or professionalism of the interview. Apprenticeship assessments are based on nine criteria such as career opportunities, working atmosphere, working hours and remuneration. The benefits offered can also be specified (canteen, child care, health measures ...). You can make your own comments on the evaluation criteria. The evaluation is carried out free of charge either directly on kununu or via Xing.

** glass door: **

  • Founded: 2007
  • Reviews of over 6,000 companies in Germany
  • Features: Salary comparison, job exchange, blog, creation of your own company profiles possible Company profiles:

glassdoor offers a free basic profile variant. Companies can include media (photos ...) in their employer profiles. Profile calls can be traced. A statement / feedback on the company reviews is possible. Basic profiles can be upgraded to premium profiles. Reviews:

glassdoor enables employer and job interviews to be rated using a 5-point / star system. The criteria of the employer evaluation include culture & values, work-life balance, executives, remuneration & additional benefits and career opportunities. The average of all ratings is aggregated. In addition, a recommendation rate, evaluation of the managing director and business forecast are calculated. The overall trend of all ratings is shown on a time axis. Your own comments on the pros and cons and advice to management are possible. To evaluate the interview, the interview experience (positive, neutral, negative), the difficulty of the interview (easy, average, difficult), the source of the application (online, in person, recruitment ...) and the result (job offer / no job offer ...) can be specified. Free comments on the application, the interview and the questions asked therein are possible. The reviews can be sorted by business location, popularity, date and difficulty of the conversation. In addition, glassdoor offers a salary comparison based on job positions on a minimum-maximum scale. Additional services or benefits can also be presented and assessed.

Job advertisements:

  • kununu: The integration of job advertisements is chargeable. Companies with employer branding and Xing profiles can post their job advertisements and the jobs appear on the profiles on kununu and Xing. Posted job advertisements are processed professionally. A monitoring function can, for. B. Click numbers are measured and the data used to optimize success. Suitable Xing members automatically receive the company's job suggestions so that latent job seekers can also be reached. Conversely, the company also receives suggestions for suitable candidates.
  • glassdoor: Companies can post their job advertisements free of charge on glassdoor. The posted jobs are displayed in the "Manage my jobs" section of the glassdoor profile. The integration of a company logo is also possible. Views / click numbers and applications made are displayed.


Companies can publish job advertisements on both glassdoor and kununu. For potential applicants, the associated employer evaluation means greater transparency. Top ratings increase the chance of reaching candidates who are latently willing to change. In this sense, kununu and glassdoor are also suitable as instruments for recruiting. So far, kununu is still one of the industry leaders in employer rating portals in Germany. The still young German version of glassdoor is less well known, but has similarly extensive functions. Basic profiles can be created there free of charge and upgraded to a premium version. Companies can create employer branding profiles on kununu.

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