What is the difference between provolone and mozzarella?

Scamorza - a small bag of cheese

Making Scamorza

The Scamorza joins the group of filata cheeses with provolone and mozzarella. This is usually the name given to southern Italian cheeses that are made using the Filata process, in which the fresh cheese curd is poured with scalding water. Then the tough dough is stirred and made into a malleable dough. This is divided and shaped into roughly equal parts. Characteristic of the Scamorza is its pear or bag shape, in which two usually hang on a string.

Properties of the Scamorza

Puglia in particular is known for the production of scamorza, especially the province of Bari. In addition to the typical shape, the Scamorza others too propertiesthat distinguish it from other Italian cheeses. This includes its dark yellow to light brown rind with a very light cheese mass. Unlike mozzarella, it is very compact in size. The fat content is between 40 and 50% in dry matter. In addition to the pure version, the Scamorza is also available smoked, which is why it is called Scamorza affumicata. Very, very tasty if you like smoked cheese.

Use of Scamorza

In principle can Scamorza everywhere over there used where you would also use mozzarella. It melts a little better than mozzarella and is therefore well suited for gratinating. The smoked version in particular is a highlight on a mixed cheese platter. Since the dough is more compact than mozzarella, the Scamorza is also very suitable as a table cheese.

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