Can aluminum be welded with DC TIG

How can I weld aluminum?

The welding of aluminum is possible with the MIG, TIG and CMT processes. We recommend the MIG or TIG AC / DC welding process.

In the MIG / MAG process, shielding gas escapes, which protects the arc and the welding point, but does not come into contact with the aluminum. This will make the aluminum Not deformed and yet protected from the gases of the environment.

What should you watch out for in general when welding aluminum?

When TIG welding aluminum, you should make sure that you use alternating current and a suitable welding filler material for welding. In order to avoid the round shape that the welding process creates, we recommend that you also use a pointed tungsten electrode in this case. For this you need a modern inverter power source.

When welding aluminum, you should go for one thorough pre- and post-processing of the workpiece.

In the preparation you should first thoroughly clean the part to be welded. To do this, you can heat the material with a heat gun, for example, to remove paint and dirt. You can use a stainless steel wire brush to clean it. For pre-cleaning, however, the material can also be blasted with stainless steel balls so that the surface compacts nicely. In the last step of the preparation, grab acetone and clean the area to be welded again with a simple rag.

In the post processing it is necessary to give the material the necessary cut and thus create a suitable look. Since aluminum is a very soft material, it can be quickly grinded away. Therefore, make sure that you do not completely sand the seam to ensure the required hold. You can use a hand file, a polishing disc or an angle grinder for grinding. Everything you need for post-processing can of course also be found in our Schweisshelden online shop.

Is aluminum a difficult material to weld? What are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum welding?

Aluminum welding is a difficult welding processbecause it is the disadvantage possesses that aluminum is a soft material. The soft material can lead to a high degree of heat distortion, i.e. the workpiece can deform quickly.
The advantage of aluminum welding is that compared to steel, aluminum is a very light material with a very high strength. Another advantage is that the material aluminum is very durable and weatherproof.

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