What do accountant reports show in QuickBooks

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Reports in QBOA work the same as reports in QuickBooks Online, but QBOA contains some reports of particular interest to accountants. When you open a QBO client company and then click Reporting Reports from the Accountants Tools menu, the Reports page appears.

Below the Profit and Loss graph, the Accountant Reports tab displays the reports that are available to QBOA users. In the image below, the Profit and Loss graph is hidden (click the arrow in the lower right corner of the graph to hide and display it) so you can see more reports on the Accountant Reports tab. As you check out these reports, be sure to scroll down the page.

Accountant-oriented reports available in QBOA.

When you select Management Reports from the Accountant's Tools menu (or click the Management Reports link that appears on the Reports page), QBOA displays two customized management-style reports: Advanced Corporate Financials and Basic Corporate Financials. Both reports contain a collection of reports with an elegant cover sheet and table of contents.

The Advanced Financial Reports report contains the P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, and A / R Aging Detail and A / P Aging Detail reports. The Basic Corporate Financial Reports report contains all reports except the Aging Detail reports. The Edit link in the Action column allows you to edit a report to add or delete reports, and to change the appearance of the pages in the report, including whether or not to display pages such as the table of contents in the report. Using the down arrow in the Action column, you can print these reports, email them, export the information to PDF or DOCX files, and make copies of them so that you can create your own administrative reports.

Copying one of these reports before changing it is a great idea; This way, you keep the original report, but you can also create your own version.

Choosing My Reports from the Accountant Tools menu displays reports that you have customized and saved. You can click Reporting Tools on the Accountants Tools menu to set the default reporting dates and accounting basis. You can also view the reconciliation status, and view and set the company's close date information.