What are some simple recipes to try

Simple recipes

Simple recipes

Despite all the love for cooking and the preparation of food: There is not always a muse and time available for an elaborate meal. Then a simple recipe must be sufficient, which can be implemented quickly and is satisfied with a few simple steps.

But there is another motive for simple recipes: the pleasure in the original and little processed ingredients. They are mostly based on a filling base (potatoes, pasta, rice) and enrich them with a simple ingredient. Spring potatoes with a quark made from fresh herbs, for example, are prepared in no time and prove time and again to be a great delicacy that can be served at any time of the day.

Noodles cook quickly, and a tomato sauce, even if it doesn't come out of the bag, is also not very demanding in terms of time or cooking. Even the rice is always good for surprises - you should only try the different varieties once to experience the variety of flavors of the grain. Rice can also be combined with a sauce, even if this is a rather unusual variant, because rice is usually served as a side dish, where its dry base tone is softened a little by the side sauce.

Clear, manageable ingredients - these are usually the building blocks for one simple recipe. The art of preparation then lies in bringing out the taste of the products themselves. Only salt and pepper may be the right decision in individual cases, but a harmonious harmony is only created (or also) through contrasting additions.

Mint, for example, is still a bit of a shadowy existence in our latitudes. A few finely plucked mint leaves can conjure up a refreshing delicacy from a simple pea soup or a potato puree.

As a result, simple recipes need not shy away from comparison with extensive preparations. The quality of the selected products is always important. And it has been the case for a long time: they should be as fresh as possible and as regional as possible. (“Regionality” is not just an ecological requirement at all; we now know that the body also reacts better to products from home and can process them better than overly exotic ingredients.)

And in fact there is a third reason simple recipes To try again and again: Perhaps the best and most effective way to practice them is how the nuances in the taste can change with just small variations. Simply cooking is never a sign of poor ability - on the contrary! Anyone who has ever experienced how a smile can be conjured up on the eater's face with simple means will never again disregard the word "simple". Not even in the kitchen.