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"The Mandalorian": Under the helmet of the bounty hunter there is someone very different from what you think

The motto of the Mandolarians' code is never to take off head protection in front of third parties. The face of the bounty hunter hero from "The Mandalorian" has remained hidden from the eyes of others since childhood, as can be seen in episode 4 of the Disney + series.

This has the unusual effect that the protagonist can always be seen masked for the audience. The character does not come to life through his facial expressions, but through his actions and the distinctive movements and speech of the actor Pedro Pascal. At least that is to be assumed - in truth, however, the matter is a little more complicated.

John Wayne's grandson plays the Mandalorian!

Director Bryce Dallas Howard staged the fourth episode "Sanctuary" of "The Mandalorian", but never saw her "main actor" Pedro Pascal. Because instead of him, mainly his double Brendan Wayne ("Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.") put in the armor - the grandson of western legend John Wayne!

In fact, Wayne wears the costume every single episode of the first season and was already signed for the second season. By the way, another double from Pascal is stuntman Lateef Crowder.

Now, of course, it is by no means unusual for doubles to take the place of actors, especially when they cannot be recognized under their costumes. However, it is remarkable that Pascal does not wear the armor in a single scene of the episode mentioned. The reason for his absence: rehearsals for the Broadway play "King Lear".

Ironically, “Sanctuary” is the only episode so far in which the protagonist takes off his helmet while taking a rare breather and thinking about the possibility of an alternative civilian life - but his face is neither closed to another character nor to the viewer see. Pascal was therefore not involved in the episode that shows the vulnerable side of the figure for the first time.

Nevertheless: Pedro Pascal is without question the star of the series

Of course, that doesn't mean that Pascal doesn't spend most of the time in armor. The complete absence in a complete episode is likely to be the absolute exception. And the main actor is still present there anyway: Because everything that the Mandalorian utters was of course without exception spoken by Pascal himself.

Incidentally, the doubles continuously discuss the way he moves with Pascal and discuss every single movement of the figure - at eye level. Wayne opened Vulturethat Pascal should be just as interested in Wayne's ideas for the movements of the Mandalorian as vice versa.

In the best Darth Vader tradition

All of this is somewhat reminiscent of the most iconic “Star Wars” figure of all: Darth Vader. Because while the gigantic fitness trainer David Prowse was in the suit of the renegade Jedi, James Earl Jones lent him the unmistakably dark voice. When in “Star Wars: Episode VI - The Return of the Jedi” the face of Vader was revealed under the mask, the face of Sebastian Shaw was seen again.

Rumor: This is the "Star Wars 9" storyline (spoiler warning)!