What is the best cooking machine

Kitchen machine with cooking function - this is how meals can be cooked independently

Everyone immediately has the Thermomix in mind. Only the one in the food processor with cooking function test at Stiftung Warentest only came in fourth.

The kitchen machines combine favorable properties of different kitchen appliances. They knead dough and chop vegetables and stir soups and grind fresh pesto and even coffee beans. There is also the cooking function.

Steaming and roasting, which cannot be taken for granted, are very practical. In addition, a new technology such as the induction hob with the right pot is responsible for gentle, slow cooking. The cooking function turns the kitchen helper into an autopilot in the kitchen. You do other work in between and just set the table. The device with programming and digital display as well as several different functions are convincing and make cooking considerably easier.

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How do you find the best kitchen machine with a cooking function?

There are three purchase criteria for the right kitchen appliance:

  • the functions you need
  • your own budget
  • the quality and brand

The functions that you need in the cooking machine can be varied. It kneads soft and firm doughs reliably and beats egg whites, creams or mixes ingredients.

Not every cooking machine can chop or fry. Do you need computerized, ready-made recipes, for example, or do you also have your own? Is steam cooking also possible, for example? Which accessories would you like to use like a grain mill or a meat grinder? How big should the blender be?

Recipes for food processor with cooking function

The cookbook for kitchen machines with cooking functions contains the right recipes for your kitchen machine with cooking functions. This is practical because they are optimally aligned with the machine and are sure to succeed. The computerized recipes on the chips can of course be exchanged with friends.


Kitchen machine with cooking function test

Information about the Kenwood Cooking Chef KM096

The Cooking Chef Major KM096 is a food processor and a premium product in the Kenwood household line. In addition to the various functions of a food processor, it offers a special feature:

With the integrated induction hob, you can not only mix and stir large quantities of food, but also heat it. This is possible with the special stainless steel bowl for use on the induction hob. This makes the model ideal for all hobby cooks for maximum performance and the greatest variety. The cooking machine allows a wide range of uses in the kitchen and is equipped with well thought-out solutions from Kenwood. The special planetary agitator rotates the agitator attachments around their own axis and at the same time on the edge of the bowl. In this way, the batter can always be mixed well and an optimal result can be achieved.

In the upper area of ​​the model, the integrated Multi-Pro connection works at a medium speed for connecting shredders. In the head of the machine there is also a low-speed connection for the use of special attachments such as a meat grinder. The high-speed connection is for blenders and juicers as well as the spice grinder.

You can find a detailed test video here.


  • cooks slowly on induction
  • a lot of accessories
  • solid and stable machine and accessories
  • Touch display
  • Safety interlock, overheating protection


  • Cut vegetables by hand
  • Mixing attachment lid unsecured
  • high power consumption in stand-by

Information about the KitchenAid Artisan Cook Processor 5KCF0103

The 1,500 watt device with the 450 watt motor is versatile when it comes to food processing:

It supports kneading, beating and pureeing as well as chopping and chopping and emulsifying. The 4.5 liter stainless steel pot, the dough knife and the so-called StirAssist stirrer are convincing because they contribute to even cooking, as well as a mini bowl for preparing pesto and baby food. Units of measurement on the pot as well as the programmable timer optimize the application.Because not only classic tasks with a kitchen appliance help, the KitchenAid Artisan Cook Processor 5KCF0103 shows the thick aluminum hotplate, which is used for temperatures of up to 140 ° C. So you don't have to switch to the classic stove, but have the option of cooking and steaming or roasting and braising different dishes.

The cookbook and the appropriate app will inspire you when choosing your dishes. The preparation options are good, such as the options for searing and the keep warm mode. The operation is convincing: the handling is easy with the control panel and cleaning is problem-free. The accessories can be put in the dishwasher, but not the stainless steel pot.


  • good handling
  • easy cleaning of the accessories in the dishwasher
  • a lot of inspiration with the recipes
  • can fry
  • solid and safe machine
  • tightly closable pot good for picnics


  • Grinding, chopping nuts or frozen foods can be improved
  • Menu language can only be set once
  • Pot not suitable for the dishwasher
  • needs lots of space

Information about the Krups Pre and Cook HP 5031

There is something new in the kitchen every day. It works with little effort. With the Krups Prep and Cook HP 5031 you don't have to worry about preparing multi-course meals even on public holidays. You can also entertain many guests with the large capacity of the kitchen bowl of 4.5 liters. Six automatic programs are available and let you prepare sauces and soups and dough and delicious desserts automatically with the Krups model without hectic rush. The automatic programs also include cooking and steam cooking. During the time when the food processor is doing its work automatically, you can, for example, set or wash the table.

The multifunctional kitchen machine scores particularly well when it comes to combining numerous kitchen appliances into one. On the one hand, this saves time and, on the other hand, there is more space in the kitchen. Where else there are steam ovens, microwaves, blenders and mixers, a single product is now sufficient. In addition, the stove is relieved and the cleaning effort is significantly less than when using several devices.


  • cooks warm food better than Thermomix
  • prepares cold dishes best
  • multifunctional use


  • reach for filling via the control panel
  • only one serving in steamer
  • Disassemble and reassemble the cover when cleaning

Information about the Vorwerk Thermomix TM5

The Thermomix used to be synonymous with the kitchen machine with a cooking function. He's still great today and has a fan base. He likes all chefs who like to do everything themselves. He's got the right amount of time, but unfortunately no money. Because Vorwerk continues to sell the Thermomix directly, it remains expensive. The intuitive touchscreen operation is problem-free. With the integrated scales he weighs the ingredients as they are added. It can do everything from salad made from leftover fruit and vegetables and the best mashed potatoes to homemade yoghurt. Even the freshly baked breakfast bread, which the TM5 mixed from the dough, tastes like it has been baked. He makes no mistakes because the display specifies the work steps and required Thermomix components.


  • best handling with recipes on the chip
  • best cookbook
  • weighs the ingredients
  • User guidance via display
  • Bullet Point 2


  • Very loud, even when the water is stirring 91 dB
  • Sales only in direct sales

Conclusion - comparison of kitchen machine with cooking function

Cooking machines are of great help in your kitchen if you want to create healthy and varied dishes quickly and easily. They are suitable for singles as well as for a family. There are two different basic concepts to choose from: the further developed kneading machine and a thermal maker. The machines are quite different for the possible types of preparation: Kenwood's Cooking Chef will knead and stir, beat and cook, keep warm and steam for you. There are many accessories and the device can be expanded to include many functions. The Kenwood multifunction kitchen machine with cooking function is better than the other three in the three main points of cooking and cold preparation and handling than the other three and therefore not for nothing the most recommendable. The Kitchenaid Cook Processor is practical with the possibility of frying and other types of preparation such as cooking and stewing as well as steaming. The KitchenAid cooking machine, like the Thermomix, comes with an app that helps with the preparation. The Prep and Cook from Krups has automatic programs for soups and sauces, desserts and other dishes. The cooking machines are already practical, all you have to do is eat yourself: Bon appetit!

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