Is your mind part of your body

In this way you deepen your Shavasana - and experience total Relaxation

Shavasana is an exercise from yoga and translates as "posture of the dead".

This is to express that the body is completely immobile and the stimuli of the outside world are ignored. In contrast to loitering on the couch, lost in thought, you consciously relax all parts of your body. Allow your mind to recover from the many impressions it was exposed to during the day.

The result is real Deep relaxation. Stress hormones are broken down, happiness hormones are released. If you practice Shavasana regularly, you prevent stress-related complaints such as headaches and stomach problems. Spiritually, Shavasana is feeding inner peace, balance and joy.

This is how it works

The exercise is very simple. Lie down in Supine position on a comfortable surface - on the floor or in your bed. Important: You don't move during the entire exercise. And you relax aware of every part of your body - one at a time, from the tip of your toe to the top of your head. You breathe during the exercise in your natural rhythm. With every exhalation you release tension.

The challenge: to keep one's attention while consciously relaxing and Not of the thoughts that suddenly pop up to be distracted.

Avoid distraction

1. Preparation

Find one quiet placewhere you are undisturbed for the duration of Shavasana. Comfortable clothing increases the feel-good factor and allows you to relax more easily. Maybe you grab your blanket or your favorite thick socks so you can comfortably warm are in bed and feel really good.

The spine is straight, yours move lies well on the pad. Please only use a pillow as a headrest if you need it due to the nature of your spine (e.g. hunched back). If you have a hollow back, place a suitable mat under your knees. The arms are on the sides close to the upper body, the palms are directed upwards. Just feel: at which angle are your arms to the upper body the most comfortable? Position yourself so that you 10-20 minutes can relax well in this position.

2. Overcome hurdles

What if …

  • ... you are far too restless to lie down quietly?
    Then do the movements you feel like doing before Shavasana (e.g. jumping, shaking, running, push-ups, etc.).
  • ... you are constantly distracted from the flow of thoughts and drift away?
    Be aware that you are being carried away by thoughts.
    Smile to yourself inwardly and bring your attention back to practice with loving discipline. To make it easier for you to focus, there is a trick: consciously name the part of your body that you are relaxing. For example: this is my foot! Feel very consciously and connect your inhalation with the word “let” and your exhalation with the word “go”. Let go! Let go!
  • ... it itches or pinches somewhere on the body?
    • You scratch yourself and very consciously and curiously observe this process. Then you put your hand, your foot, etc. back down in a very relaxed manner.
    • You look curiously at the itchy or scratchy sensation, but avoid scratching yourself and instead focus your attention entirely on the exercise.
  • ... do you fall asleep?
    Then you are probably very tired and need sleep.

Take a relaxed approach

Shavasana is an exercise to relax the mind and body. So go into the exercise with ease and without expectation. Stay curious in observing your body. Be patient. Give your body time to relax. Stay tuned. I am always amazed at how much deeper relaxation is still possible in the supposedly relaxed state.