Birds eat cheese


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Most dairy products are not suitable as food for budgies or other pet birds. There are several reasons for this: On the one hand, the birds do not tolerate the lactose contained in dairy products (see below) and, on top of that, many of these foods are very fatty. Cheese, cream, condensed milk and other fatty dairy products should therefore be taboo in bird nutrition. It looks different, for example lowfat quark (Potting). The fat content is so low that it can be mixed with the birds in very small quantities with the germ feed. However, the ornamental birds often have to get used to the sour taste and sticky consistency and therefore spurn low-fat quark at the beginning. Is also suitablecottage cheesewhich some pet birds taste even better than quark. Cottage cheese is also called grainy cream cheese or cottage cheese.

As mentioned above, you should be extremely careful with dairy products that contain milk sugar (lactose). It cannot be broken down in the bird's body, because the animals naturally lack an enzyme in their intestines, which in humans is responsible for breaking down lactose. Too much lactose therefore leads to severe diarrhea in pet birds. In this regard, low-fat quark can be fed without hesitation if it contains very little lactose. There is also hardly a bird that eats so much low-fat quark that it gets diarrhea from the small amounts of lactose it ingests as a result. A good alternative is lactose-free dairy products, which are now available in many well-stocked supermarkets.

A note on the subject cheese should not be missing at this point. Some types of cheese contain relatively little fat. If an ornamental bird really wants to bite off a piece of it, let it do it from time to time. As long as the bird only occasionally eats a beak full of cheese, the fat in it should not harm it. It should be noted, however, that cheese also contains salt, which in turn can be a problem for the bird's kidneys in larger quantities. Make sure you provide your pet birds with enough fresh drinking water when they have eaten cheese. They may be thirstier than usual and need the water to flush their kidneys through.