Does wrestling actually help with street fights

Street fights that end on the ground, is BJJ the ultimate solution? [closed]

There is no such thing as an "ultimate method" in a street fight.

Ground combat is really good when you end up in a one-on-one combat on the ground with no weapons. Fights tend to go down because people have poor balance, it's relatively easy to trip or be knocked over, and the tackle / bum rush doesn't require a lot of skill.

Inexperienced fighters usually aim for a mount and a pound, which most often limits the target to the head. Meanwhile, on the ground, everything is a target for potential claws and locks - ankles, wrists, arms, etc. - and that is where floor claws do a great job - they have more options, they have more goals, and while the untrained person only has one place to go They feel good when they attack. The gripper can attack from many positions.

However, if you hold back or want to face someone and a friend or groups of friends comes up to you to attack you, you have lost your mobility and probably a lot of situational awareness. You can find numerous street fighting videos of someone being kicked in the head while trying to fight on the ground or, worse, attacked with a gun.

The second situation that is bad is when a gun comes out and you don't notice. This is true in all situations. However, with a floor grab, you are in full contact and have no "give" to escape as you might while standing. Just as every part of the body is a target for a grapple, every part of the body is also a target for a knife, or worse, a weapon.

Grappling is a great collection of tools that must be included in any self-defense plan. BJJ is one of the most popular types of ground grappling, but there are styles of grappling all over the world because wrestling is as old as humanity. Pretty much every martial art in history has SOME controversies, even if it's not as popular or taught as it is common today. However, this is not enough against multiple opponents or against weapons alone.