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Free SMS providers in comparison

Sending SMS cheaply via the Internet: providers in comparison
Photos: Anne Katrin Figge - fotolia.com/teltarif.de, Montage: teltarif.de Free SMS providers offer both registration-free and registration-based offers. With the registration-free offers, there are sometimes fewer characters available, but as a bonus, for example, your own mobile phone number is also transmitted and the recipient of the short message can therefore reply directly to the sender's mobile phone.

With many free SMS providers without registration, you only get to the input form for the messages or the confirmation of sending after numerous clicks through advertising pages. It is not uncommon for the lengthy input to be in vain in the end. It is true that the corresponding websites advertise with a high quota of free SMS that are to be activated at certain times. Often, however, the quotas are already used up shortly after activation or you simply do not find out the exact time for the next activation of the free SMS packages. If you want to use this service, you should therefore know exactly when the free SMS will be activated on the respective pages in order to receive a message from the contingent provided. For this reason we have set up a separate column with the activation times for the Free SMS packages.

Provider for free SMS without registration

Free SMS providerFree-
per day
/ Character
5vor12.deAround the clock2 / 140Yesunlimited daily contingent
mufa.deAround the clockunlimited / 160Yesunlimited daily contingent
particularly easy shipping
sms38.deAround the clockunlimited / 160Yesunlimited daily contingent
particularly easy shipping
smsgott.deAround the clock5 / 160YesDaily quota of 50,000 SMS
particularly easy shipping
smslux.deAround the clock3 / 147YesThe email address to which the response will be sent must be provided
Financed by advertising (unsubscribe advertising emails)
Status: December 2020, prices in euros
1) with less than 160 characters

With this Free SMS table we cannot of course list all providers on the market. Rather, the compilation should provide reliable providers that can be used by all. Services that can only be used regionally or portals that are only open to certain user groups are not taken into account in our Free SMS table. If we were aware of the free contingents, we only listed providers with a daily limit of at least 1000 free SMS.

Be careful when disclosing personal data

The registration is done within a few minutes, but you should carefully consider what personal information you provide to the providers. Caution is also advised if you have to give your own mobile phone number when registering. It is repeatedly discovered that companies, addresses and other customer data are reselling. The users of the free services may receive unwanted advertising messages via SMS or MMS.

Provider with registration

Free SMS providercharacterSMS
foreign countries
Phone no.-
gmx.net16010NoYesYesMax. 10 SMS per month. Only when setting up a FreeMailPlus account, providing address details, bank details and consent to receiving advertising by post and / or email
Status: December 2020, prices in euros
In addition to the free SMS services listed here, chargeable plus packages are also available from several providers. You can find an overview of all paid SMS providers in our overview table.

teltarif.de tests free SMS services at regular intervals. There are clear minimum requirements for the inclusion of providers in the overview list. Among other things, only providers are listed who can send at least two free SMS per day. For providers with a limited monthly quota, a minimum of 10 SMS is required.

Of course, we would be grateful for any further suggestions so that we can expand our Free SMS table further: If you know other Free SMS providers or by chance discover websites where you can send SMS free of charge without registering, please send us a message just an email.

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