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Copywriting: a career as a writer and clickworker

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Copywriter write texts on behalf of customers. Some writers are showered with prices for snappy advertising slogans, others are abused as incarnate content farms. Earning a living with writing has never been so difficult as it is today. But never so easy either. The differences in the Copywriting-Income…

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Copywriting: what is it?

Copywriter can be with Copywriter or Copywriter translate.

But a copywriter is not just a writer. He's also a salesman. Because the copywriter should - in marketing German - deliver headlines and texts that convert. He is said to be the famous Generate leads. He is supposed to be the recipient of a The plot. If the reader contacts the advertised company, clicks on or, at best, places an order, the copywriter has achieved his goal.

Are copywriters no content writers. Content writers mainly provide information that copywriting should encourage people to click. Journalists and editors are content writers, screenwriters, speechwriters or ghostwriters.

Nevertheless, both disciplines are becoming increasingly blurred. One main reason: the rise of content marketing, a marketing strategy based on content.

More and more companies are pulling valuable content cheap advertising messages. In this area, writers actually move in the gray area between copywriting and content writing. The same applies to SEO copywriters who create search engine optimized texts on behalf of companies.

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

What does a copywriter have to be able to do?

Write everyone can? Puff cake.

The exacting copy tests carried out by the large agencies show just how high the demands on good copywriters are. Not only a feeling for language, creativity and general education are also ingredients without which it is impossible.

Example: Several years ago, Tchibo and Esso advertised new coffee drinkers with the slogan “Everyone has his own”. The campaign had to be stopped because the slogan was reminiscent of the Nazi slogan “To each his own”.

Such associations should be one good copywriter Be able to manufacture and avoid them from the outset, so as not to bring their clients into the devil's kitchen. Even in the age of the Internet, it will not work without extensive general knowledge.

What else distinguishes good copywriters:

  • Creativity and imagination
  • curiosity
  • Willingness to learn
  • Research ability
  • Empathy (and knowledge of psychology)

How do I become a copywriter?

In short: who Copywriter wants to become and brings the talents mentioned above with them, has the best possible chance.

In an interview with the marketing magazine Wuv in spring 2017, Susanne Feddersen, head of the text school Kreativkader, complained about lack of offspring.

Typically around 30 candidates would take the copy test each year. Ten to twelve of them get one Apprenticeship position in the dual system, (Almost) everyone is said to find permanent employment afterwards. In 2017, however, a school year almost fell through - for lack of it suitable applicant.

The text forge in Hamburg also has similar problems. The training at the Texterschmiede looks like this: During the day, the text talents complete an internship in a partner agency, and lessons begin at 6 p.m. Training costs 425 eurosThe agencies pay 550 to 600 euros for the internship. Does that sound appealing? Not at all from a financial point of view.

But the least of all copywriters start their careers in a text school. Many start as junior copywriters in an agency, and career changers also absorb the industry like a sponge of water.

The reasons for the copywriter ebb: The image of the once so glorious Advertising industry has been crumbling for years. Nothing more with glamor à la Mad Men, but just as much work.

Everything that is important to millennials such as flexible working hours and family-friendliness, but also security and a good salary. The advertising industry offers the exact opposite.

Coypwriters not only work in agencies, but also in the companies themselves. Many are freelance workers.

SEO writers are a species of their own and are not uncommon as a clickworker punch through. In principle, previous knowledge is superfluous here. Everyone can try their hand at talent and good performance in the various crowdworking platforms, good reviews, recommendations and new orders. A field that you can enter from home at any time.

Salary: what can be earned with copywriting?

But be careful: A career as a Clickworker is usually not one. According to a study by the trade union-related Hans Böckler Foundation from 2016, crowdworkers earn “sometimes well below ten euros an hour” in the area of ​​copywriting work, while IT services are remunerated at up to 70 euros per hour.

The absolute amounts, which crowdworkers receive as a fixed amount for an order on platforms such as Elance and Freelancer.com, are between three euros (!) and 2,500 euros.

The average annual salary of (professional) copywriters, on the other hand, is around 40,836 euros a year. In 2016 it was 36,325 euros. These figures were provided by the salary portal gehalt.de on behalf of the magazine Page.

Overall, the range is between around 24,000 euros (beginners, small agency, no personnel responsibility) and 55,000 euros.

The figures largely coincide with those that individual users have entered on the Glassdoor rating platform. According to (unrepresentative) Glassdoor figures, copywriters earn between € 2,000 and € 3,000 a month. In larger agencies, the range goes up to 60,000 euros.

Copywriter Legend: The Best David Ogilvy Quotes

David Ogilvy was the founder of the advertising agency of the same name, was a copywriter - and a lifetime guarantee for bon mots and advertising wisdom. Here are some pearls:

  • The consumer is not an idiot. He is your wife.
  • The headlines that work best are the ones that appeal to the reader promise a benefit.
  • It is not the whiskeythat they choose, but the image.
  • The best ideas come as jokes. Be as funny in your thinking as possible.

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