Why did the real Illuminati disappear

With Strache against Soros, Rothschild, the Illuminati and chemtrails

Christina Kohl is unsuitable for Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller, the Illuminati, the Antifa and the Freemasons. But if the devil or the New World Order want it, then the 24-year-old flight attendant has to explain to these sinister gentlemen where the oxygen comes from when there is a pressure drop in the cabin and how to put on the life jackets. Kohl is on Heinz-Christian Strache's list for the Vienna election in 17th place, which is reserved for hopeful, cheerful politicians.

At the very front, however, Kohl lined up at one of the Covidioten demos and she was allowed to chant enthusiastically to whom she would rather not allow a life jacket: "Shortly has to go. Soros has to go. Rockefeller has to go. Rothschild has to go. The Illuminati have to go. The Antifa has to go. Freemasons have to go. " Unfortunately, she forgot about Bill Gates, but Kohl is still young and, after all, the Strache team does not yet have a party academy that strengthens young cadres and makes them arguably stable.

Strache's fighter against chemtrails

Also on Strache's list we find the police doctor Serge Paukovics. He is holding the flag of evidence-based medicine very high. The doctor has written a foreword to the book "Flu wave caused by chemtrails". The author of the book is someone who should know: the pop singer Christian Anders. For some time now, he has not only been concerned about whether a "train to nowhere" is going, but also about big pharma and eerie elites. In a version of his bizarre chant "The Shark", the now 75-year-old bard oracle:

"I have the power, I have the money,
I am the ruler of this world.
I send you on the roll every day
you do not know them, "the protocols".


The world rests on seven pillars,
seven families have the money
Whether Rothschild, Cohn or Donati,
we are also called Illuminati.
We are contaminating the world with AIDS
and make money on the 'cure'. "

Candidate hopes for consequences for those responsible for the chemtrail

Maybe Anders would even be a good replacement for the John Otti Band, which Strache, as is well known, ran away under unfortunate circumstances. Strache's husband Paukovics doesn’t talk around the bush in his foreword to the chemtrail book. The doctor wrote the pop singer in the studbook: "As a pilot of small propeller and glider planes (...) I also noticed a lot of changes in the weather, as well as the change in contrails and the occurrence of extreme gusts of wind and unexpected impairments of vision. The meteorologists were often Called meteo lies because the prognoses were incorrect. The evidence for chemtrails has already been provided, but without consequence for those who caused it! "

Chemtrail checker Paukovics and the flight attendant Kohl - when the two unpack about chemtrails, there will be a lot of rattling in the warehouse of the perpetrators. At the end of his foreword Paukovics notes: "As a doctor and victim of the vaccination mafia, I recommend every reader to read your book about the vaccination plows DER IMPFWAHNSINN." The Gurutest Foundation already suspects: We will still have a lot of fun in the election campaign and in the struggle of Strache's team for an unvaccinated Vienna under a sparkling blue and chemtrail-free sky. (Christian Kreil, August 12th, 2020)

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