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    The sale of pellet boilers was not an easy business in 2014, but thanks to our strong international focus we managed to keep the decline within limits. 2014 is history and we are looking ahead to 2015. The year of pellet condensing technology. KoFEN will mark the new year with an unprecedented product offensive in the field of condensing technology.

    It was not enough for us to bring a new boiler with a new cladding onto the market. As in 1997, the target was to set another milestone in pellet heating technology. We have met these requirements with the Pellematic Condens. In addition to the further development of the first generation of condensing technology to the new Condens condensing technology (i.e. the boiler also works in calorific value mode), the technicians have succeeded in setting up a boiler that meets all the requirements such as easy installation, corner positioning flush with the wall, minimal dimensions, plug-and-heat

    Innovations Pellematic CONDENS

    New Pelletronic software and mobile phone app

    AUSTRIA KOFEN regional agencies

    InternationalBallywalterpark Castle

    InternationalkoFEN country headquarters in a new look

    koFEN_ePilot project & series production









    Expansions and a sliding boiler temperature.

    But condensing technology is also advancing in the large output range. From autumn 2015 we will be offering a condensing heat exchanger for the Pellematic Maxi (36 to 56 kW in calorific value mode, 36 to 64 kW in calorific value mode). This heat exchanger also has Condens condensing technology and is therefore the leading technology in the pellet heating industry.

    The well-known pellet condensing all-in-one solution Pellematic Smart will go into series production as an electricity-producing pellet heating system Pellematic Smart_e from spring. We are presenting a new project under the umbrella of koFEN_e, Project 5.0. and thus the development of a power-producing pellet heating system in the medium output range (50-60 kWth, 5 kWe). Whether these innovations, which are unparalleled in the industry, we look to the future with optimism.

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    Pellets newspaper 01 | 2015koFEN inside

    Pellet pioneer & company founder Herbert Ortner

    Managing Director Stefan Ortner

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    Close to you in Austria: KoFEN customer service

    The factory customer service is active throughout Austria and also provides support in other European countries and has developed into a major pillar. The team supports its colleagues at home and abroad 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and contributes significantly to the business success of KoFEN with their work. Because optimal customer service is essential for the constant success of a company.

    Strong service from a strong team: Personal, reliable, competent and

    fast, that is the KoFEN service promise to our customers. In the last few years we have become larger and significantly more dynamic thanks to the expansion of additional sales areas. In order to take this development into account, we have enlarged our team in the field of customer service technology.

    Technical support beyond national borders In addition to looking after end customers and supporting service technicians and customer service colleagues, the job of a customer service

    also provide technical support for the commissioning of heating from the KoFEN regional headquarters by installer partners and regional representatives in Austria. Knowledge from specialist areas such as electrical engineering, mechanics, control and combustion technology as well as hydraulics are essential for everyday work.

    Ernst Wurm - Head of the customer service team at the KoFEN headquarters in Lembach for more than 12 years.

    For koFEN, customer satisfaction begins where the service of many companies ends: after the sale. We attach great importance to the wishes and needs of our customers and partners, which our in-house customer service takes care of.

    Whenever I have a technical concern, my Austrian colleagues are always ready to listen to me. you

    not only support me with their technical knowledge,

    but can also get used to my situation.


    Franz Baumlller, the deputy customer service manager, takes care of organizational processes and training. Due to his many years of activity, his core competencies lie in experience and technical knowledge.

    Peter Pusch, the former service technician, brings a lot of new knowledge and experience through his many years of field work. His calm manner and his technical competence are very valuable to the team.

    Robert Past, the all-round genius with a lot of experience in control and hydraulics, has been a valuable support for his colleagues since 2013.

    Manuel Nodes The young electrician has been fully integrated into the process since 2013, at just 22 years of age. His technical know-how grows with every new task.

    Samuel Musso


    KoFEN France

    from left to right Franz Baumller, Peter Pusch, Robert Past, Manuel NodesErnst Wurm

  • Pellematic Condens The boiler combines almost 20 years of experience in the development and manufacture of pellet heating systems with the latest technology. The result was a pellet heating system which, in addition to epc technology (efficient performance control *) for regulating combustion, also has the new and pioneering Condens condensing technology.

    Condensing technology for every heating system The biggest highlight of the Pellematic Condens is the use of Condens condensing technology, which has been used in the Pellematic Smart since 2013. Thanks to the construction made of high-quality stainless steel and a specially developed heat exchanger geometry, the new generation of

    Pellet condensing technology allows this boiler to be installed in all heating systems. The boiler is also not afraid of radiators and high return temperatures. As a result, the installer is no longer dependent on the low return temperature that must be strictly adhered to.

    The Condens condensing technology has the advantage, like other condensing boilers, that the efficiency is more than 10 percent higher than that of boilers. With the Pellematic Condens it was possible to achieve the unbelievable value of 107.3 percent in the type test. **

    This is even better than the previous record holder Pellematic Smart, which also comes from koFEN.

    The Pellematic Condens also impresses in the practical test. The boiler is delivered assembled. The new frame construction enables it to be brought in with a toboggan with a sufficient door width without time-consuming dismantling work. The

    KoFENs new with trend-setting condensing technology

    In 1997 the Pellematic revolutionized the boiler market as the first fully automatic pellet heating system. The Pellematic Condens is now setting another milestone. The new one celebrates its world premiere at the energy saving fair in Wels.

    Simply developing a new boiler without setting the bar high in the industry again was out of the question for us.

    The result was a boiler that has all the advantages of comparable models on the

    Market, but technically in a

    new dimension ahead.

    KoFEN Managing Director Herbert Ortner

    ** According to the EN 303-5 standard, the lower calorific value of a fuel (energy content without energy bound in the water) is used to calculate the efficiency. When calculating condensing boilers that use the energy bound in the water vapor, this leads to efficiencies of over 100%.

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    Condensing technology for every house, also suitable for systems with radiators

    Simple planning of the boiler room and hydraulics - 72 x 73 cm space - corner positioning possible

    Boiler output from 10 to 18 kW and 107.3% efficiency

    Moving boiler temperature of 28 85C

    High quality: heat exchanger and combustion chamber made of high-quality stainless steel

    The boiler can be dismantled quickly and fits easily even through the smallest of nooks with a width of only 40 cm.

    Finds space in every boiler room The surface of a large refrigerator is exactly what the new Pellematic Condens needs. 73 by 72 cm is sufficient for this type of technology. Thanks to the intelligent arrangement of all supply and discharge lines, the boiler can be set up flush with the wall in corners on two sides. The connections for flow and return run upwards,

    so that the right pump group can be installed directly.

    Heating circuit control without controller In the course of the market launch, a software version is available exclusively for the Pellematic Condens, which enables the control of a heating circuit and domestic water preparation without a heating circuit controller. In this case, the boiler control takes over these tasks and the heating circuit controller can be dispensed with. Less installation effort and reduced investment costs fr

    the end customers are the main advantages.

    epc technology * (effi cient performance control) A new name for the tried and tested combustion control.