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TV test 2021: the best TV sets in comparison

TVs endless expanses. There are hundreds of TV models from dirt cheap to very expensive, from compact to huge, garnished with abbreviations such as 4K, UHD, HDR and of course a term like "Smart TV". How are you supposed to keep track of things? GIGA expert Frank explains which TV yourself 2021 really worth it - and what to look for when TV purchase must pay attention.

For some it is a new series on Netflix or Sky, for others the PlayStation 5, for the next the European Football Championship and Olympics 2021 - there are many good reasons to buy a new television in 2021.

A lot has happened in the field in recent years: The screen diagonals have continued to grow, UHD resolution (4K) has become established, HDR is becoming increasingly popular and OLED TVs are no longer an unaffordable luxury. There are also important innovations for players. We have incorporated our own experience and research in specialist journals into our recommendations. Current television models are presented here, which have received special praise from the press and customers and are therefore recommended for purchase.

Update on 02/14/2021: A lot has happened in the TV market in terms of price and availability in the first quarter. We checked the article, researched current prices and republished the article

The best TVs 2021: content

The best TVs in 2021: recommendations at a glance

Please note that we can only name a few representatives from our product recommendations in our table and limit ourselves to 55 inch devices. You can find many more tips on worthwhile TV sets in different sizes in the corresponding sections below in the article.

GIGA price tipPrice-performance recommendationBest OLED in generalBest OLED for movie fans
ProductHisense 55AE7200FLG NANO806NALG OLED55CX9LAPhilips 55OLED805
Price (approx.)440 euros550 euros1,600 euros1,800 euros
AdvantageSolid performance for the moneyPicture & sound goodGreat picture, ideal for gamersTop picture, Ambilight
DisadvantageBelow average sound60 Hz onlyNo HDR10 +No HDMI 2.1, no VRR
OfferAlternate / AmazonAmazonAmazon / MediaMarktSaturn
Price comparisonidealoidealoidealoidealo

GIGA savings tip: HiSense AE7000F series


  • Cheap price
  • Lots of connections
  • Solid picture


  • moderate sound
  • no recording function

We start with a real price-performance hit. Hisense TV sets were already considered in the past few years as sets with a lot of power at an affordable price. The current models continue this tradition. At a price of less than 450 euros for the 55-inch version (occasionally reduced) you get an improved design with the H55AE7200F and the H55AE7000F, a good image, as with the predecessors, including UHD resolution and support for HDR10 / HDR10 +, a functioning one Smart TV system with apps for the most important services and plenty of connections: 3 × HDMI (1 of which ARC), 2 × USB 2.0, Ethernet, WLAN, plus a tuner for the most important transmission standards. In addition, Amazon's voice assistant Alexa is integrated.

Good to know: The Hisense 7000 series differs from the 7200 series in terms of color design and base, but both are otherwise technically identical.

The bottom line is that you get a functionally complete TV system with not outstanding, but solid sound and picture quality. In order to enhance the sound for films and series, we recommend an additional soundbar.

On the subject: Our recommendations for the best soundbars in the test.

Best compact TVs (24 to 32 inches)

With TV sets in the "monitor sizes" with 24- and 32-inch diagonal you have to make compromises. Regardless of the manufacturer and make, the sound is usually poor. Most devices use mediocre panels with HD or Full HD resolution, and connections and software often leave a lot to be desired. As a TV for small apartments, as an inexpensive "second telly" for the bedroom or garden shed, they still have their place.

Best 24-inch TV: Philips PFS55 series


  • Cheap
  • Compact
  • Full HD resolution


  • Bad tone
  • Picture just passable

In the 24 inch range, our recommendation is the Philips PFS55. It is available in several versions with different feet and colors, all devices have in common the Full HD resolution, two HDMI inputs, a USB connection for playing media files and recording TV programs as well as a tuner for the relevant types of reception: DVB -T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-S2 HD and DVB-C (HD).

Best 32-inch TV: LG 32LK6200


  • Good picture
  • Proven software with many apps
  • Connection variety


We recommend the LG 32LK6200 for the 32 incher. A picture with full HD resolution, 3 HDMI ports, recording on USB media and powerful Smart TV functions with LG's proven webOS system and the associated large selection of apps make the device currently the best in its class. In the Stiftung Warentest edition 1/2020, the device received a grade of 2.9 “satisfactory”.

The best small-sized TVs (43 to 49 inches)

Today's standard TV size models have a diagonal of 55 inches. Does everything below have to be considered “small”? No, there are still recommendable devices with 40 to 49 inches that offer enough viewing area for everyday life. Since the surcharge for equivalent 55-inch models is usually low, these sizes are only recommended if either the living space or the budget are severely limited.

Best 43-inch TV: Samsung 43Q60T


  • high image quality
  • Twin tuners
  • Recording function


  • no connection for headphones except bluetooth
  • relative expensive

The QLED TV Q60T from Samsung from 2020 still offers great picture quality. Thanks to the good lateral viewing angle stability, families or other larger groups can also enjoy them when they are widely spread around the TV. The variety of connections is right, with the twin tuner and USB interface you can record a program and watch another at the same time. Stiftung Warentest has already rated last year's model Q60R (currently hardly available) with the mark of 2.0 “good”. The as yet untested successor, the Q60T, offers minor improvements in image quality, specifically in maximum brightness and viewing angle stability.

Best 50 incher: Samsung GQ50Q60T


  • solid picture, solid sound
  • Recording function
  • good remote control


  • lateral viewing angle not optimal
  • Sounded a bit thin

There are many good devices in the 49- and 50-inch television segment, but the area is also highly competitive and volatile. In other words: In addition to the confusion of the market with regard to pricing, there is the fact that manufacturers often publish models at short notice and quickly take them off the market. We recommend comparing prices and making comparisons in this area in particular.

The current test winner of the Stiftung Warentest (edition 11/2020) is Samsung's QLED model GQ50TQ60T with a grade of 2.0 "good". In addition to a good, bright picture with HDR10 + / HLG and 100/120 Hz, the 2020 model can also shine with Samsung's proven Tizen OS as a smart TV software base. Not only is this feature-rich, it also supports all common streaming services via a downloadable app. It offers a recording function via a connectable USB stick; in addition to two USB ports, it also has 3 HDMI connections for external peripherals. It should be noted, however, that there is a cheaper alternative in-house that is even better in the important areas of image and sound. More on this in the following section.

Price tip 50 inches: Samsung GU50TU7079


  • good picture, 100/120 Hz
  • good sound
  • Cheap


  • no USB recording function
  • only 2 HDMI connections
  • only 50/60 Hz

According to Stiftung Warentest, the Samsung GU50TU7079 model not only has a better sound, but also a better picture than the Q60T - especially in terms of lateral viewing angle stability, which is important when you are sitting in front of the TV with several people. You still have to accept restrictions, which is reflected in the slightly worse rating of "good" (2.1): The recording function on USB data carriers is missing, there are only two instead of three HDMI connections, the remote control is worse and the model not quite as energy efficient. In addition, the television only plays content in 50/60 Hz. With a price difference of around 200 euros, many customers will still be able to get over these restrictions.

50-inch TVs: Other recommended models

Here is a selection of other current good 49 and 50 inch TVs based on their Stiftung Warentest rating. Please note that availability and prices can fluctuate significantly.

Rating Stiftung Warentest2.0 "good"
2.1 "good"
Price comparisonidealoidealo

The best 55-inch and 65-inch TVs

55 and 65 inches will be the most popular screen sizes for TVs in 2021. Since almost every 55-inch device is also sold as a 65-inch version, we list both versions in our recommendations. But is it worth the extra charge of 65 compared to 55 inches? Depends on. The difference in size is definitely bigger than one would expect: A 65-inch device offers around 40% more image area than a 55-inch device. However, space and power requirements are increasing accordingly. Especially if you come from an older, smaller device, you should find out beforehand how big 55 and 65 inch devices really are and thus find out the optimal TV size for your living room. Below we also give recommendations for the optimal screen size based on the distance between the seats.

Price-performance tip: LG 55 / 65NANO806NA




  • very good, bright picture with good viewing angle stability
  • Smart TV system with a good selection of apps
  • 4 HDMI ports
  • Good remote control (Magic Remote)


The NanoCell TVs from LG are significantly cheaper than QLED and OLED devices. The SM806NA is a good TV with this technology, in every size class. Both the image quality and the operation and the operating system are praised.

Recommendation OLED TVs for gamers and overall: LG OLED BX

Here are some recommendations for OLED TVs. You can find detailed purchase advice on this topic with more brands and information in our large "OLED TV Test 2021".